Report a scam and make crooks scream in pain

When an e- mai l from “ Neche Kelly” enters your home, take heed. You may be lured into thinking you have helped her mother years ago. Here’s what it says:

“I am Miss Neche Kelly. The daughter of the cancer woman (c) my precious mom may her soul rest in peace. My mother Mrs. Mary Kelly contacted you some time ago in respect to the funds transfer of her late husband to help her take care of me, Neche Kelly.

“Before my mother passed away she issued a cashiers check to you for your help initially although you backed out thinking the funds transfer was illegal.

“ Well everything was legal and legit and went well through the assistance of a Japanese business man, who?s is name is Mr. Haruke Kintarou, the funds transfer was successful through him.

“I am now with a new family in Kasugal Japan and am very happy again in LIFE. Because the new family I am staying with take me as they only daughter but being an orphan is so challenging but am happy.”

“In a way to appreciate her kind gesture, she dropped a cashier cheque of $2,500,000 before her death in your name and instructed her personal ‘Rev. Father’ who was praying for us when she is alive. Rev James Robert to make sure you receive the total amount without any problem. This is her little way of saying thank you for your initial help.'

Did you see any red flags in this communication? Look back at the “who?s” Can you shrug this off as a typo? Would you write a cashier’s check for 2-½ million to someone that is nameless, you do not have their physical address, or telephone number?

Maybe I should ask if you would send someone a check for $2.5 million, period? As far fetched as it seems, I guess it could happen.

The rule of thumb, is to check these scams out. Many websites reported this scam. warns the receiver of this email not to click on any link connected with this scam., reminds us that when we check out a scam the con artists moan, but when the scam is reported the scammer screams in pain.

If this is true, Milam County TRIAD has induced scream, after scream over the years. and Fakeletters. covers this scam on their respective websites as well.

Maybe even more anguish is felt by these criminals, when the members of Milam County TRIAD are spreading the word.

Those that stand for what is right are more appreciated than those remain silent on scams that could harm older citizens.

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