Chester Jatzlau, in the ‘Fedor Express’ won the parade’s horsedrawn-comical division on Saturday. 
Reporter/Mike Brown Chester Jatzlau, in the ‘Fedor Express’ won the parade’s horsedrawn-comical division on Saturday. Reporter/Mike Brown PARADE

Governor’s award—VFW Post 6525.

Best decorated—Thorndale Chamber of Commerce.

Best workmanship—Cub Scout Pack 789.

Best out-of-town—McDade Watermelon Festival.

Marching bands—Rockdale High School Big Blue Band.

Horsedrawn/Comical—1. Chester Jatzlau, Fedor Express.

Antique vehicles—1. John Collier, 1961 Triumph TR 3; 2. Ken Janicek, 1939 Dodge pickup.

Classic cars—1. Dusty Albright, 1994 Dominion; 2. Kathy Sheppard, 2002 Ford Thunderbird convertible; 3. Curtis and Anita Dentler, 1984 Jeep.


Junior grand champion—Brock Gage, Milano 4-H, sold to Emery Family for $700, plus $120 added money, total $820.

Junior reserve champion— Ryland Kirk, Gause 4-H, sold to Candy Biehle for $725, plus $70 added money, total $795.

Senior grand champion— Mason Nusbaum, Rockdale FFA, sold to Patzke Trucking for $800 plus $60 added money, total $860.


Youth—1. Jared Stephan, 349.24 points; 2. Kody Langham, 267.05; 3. Bryson Richards, 265.3; 4. Lane Duncan, 239.37; 5. Jared Stephan, 226.82; 6. Mason Hovind, 222.57.

Stock—1. Tyler Van Beber, 226.72; 2. Alton Degner, 223.18; 3. Aidan Hovind, 220.87; 4. Garin Mason, 220.38; 5. Aidan Hovind, 204.57; 6. Chris Harper, 194.17; 7. Claude Lewis, 177; 8. Skeet Degner, 179.39; 9. Curtis Phelps, 115.71.

Stock diesel—1. Ken Langham Jr., 340; 2. Steve Hovind, 315.82.

Big Stock—1. Patrick Bramlett, 312.17; 2. Connie Jesko, 307.62; 3. John Aufdenkamp, 301.52; 4. Alton Degner, 282.4; 5.Chancy Williams, 264.85; 6. Kolby Langham, 264.43; 7. Tyler Van Beber, 259.77; 8. Jerry Toland, 251.93.

Stock altered—1. Alex Jesko, 337.35; 2. Garin Mason, 252.22; 3. Michael Mayberry, 235.2; 4. Ken Langham Jr, 232.59.

Motorcycle (big bike)—1. Steve Pierce 339.77; 2. Todd Hickerson, 234.97; 3. Paul Smith, 200.

Outlaw—1. John Aufdenkamp, 378.55; 2. Chancy Williams, 286.54; 3. Todd Hickerson, 270.24; 4. Paul Smith, 245.63.

Mini rod (four cylinder)—1. Jerry Toland, 383.22; 2. David Houchen, 379.16; 3. Sarah Moody, 372.91; 4. Colby Crowe, 364.99.

Super rod (eight cylinder)—1. Randall Moody, 338.26; 2. Donny Mayo, 306.37; 3. John Kiemele, 293.14.


Overall (cumulative, all
events)—1. Couch King Good Cookers; 2. Natural Gas Gang.
Showmanship—Pevo Posse.
Best rig—Smoke House Cookers.
Beans—1. Ladies in Control; 2.
Kinfolk Cookers; 3. QN Dawgs Barbecue. Salsa—1. Climate Control; 2.
Couch King Cookers 3. River Bottom
Driftwood Cookers.
Exotic—1. Charlie’s Angels; 2.
Asleep at the Grill; 3. Uncle’s Barbecue. Chicken—1. Ladies in Control; 2.
Family Gang Cookers I; 3. Chupacabra Cookers.
Pork Ribs—1. Couch King Cookers; 2. Asleep at the Grill; 3. Natural
Gas Gang.
Brisket—1. Climate Control; 2.
Couch King Cookers; 3. Bite the


(The Rockdale Fair Association did not report complete names of winners of Saturday’s competition, only that “Scott and Troy” were first. David Montelongo and Clyde Surginer were second.)


Junior division—1. Tyler Lehmkuhl and Wren Crane; 2. Brady Nelson and Walker Crane; 3. Eve King and Katy Krenek.

Senior division—1. Scotty Schaefer and Tyler Jordan; 2. Weston Fisher and Paxton Jordan; 3. Boyd Taylor and Kenny Carpenter.


High performance/muscle—
Scott Niemann, 1969 Camaro.
Street rod coupe/sedan—Eddie
Bell, 1934 Ford coupe.
Antique (original)—Ken Janicek,
1939 Dodge truck.
T-bucket or roadster—Edward
Biehle, 1925 mini T-bucket.
Corvette—Terry Simank and Kim
Leschber, 1971 Corvette.
1970-older car—Roy Bohn,
1955 Belair.
1970-older truck—Jason Jenkins,
1965 Ford F-100.
1971-89 truck—Bob Tovar, 1977
1971-89 car—Wallace Jones,
1978 Pontiac Trams Am.
1990-newer truck—Oscar Ortiz,
1998 Chevy 1500.
1990-newer car—Kathy Sheppard, 2002 Ford T-Bird.
Rat rod—Darrell Dyer, 1941
Dodge coupe.
Best interior—Scott Niemann,

1969 Camaro.
Best engine—Roy Bohn, 1955
Chevy Belair.
Ladies choice—Jason Jenkins,
1965 Ford F-100.
Best Chevy—Scott Niemann,
1969 Camaro.
Best Mopar—Ken Janicek, 1939
Dodge truck.
Best Ford—Eddie Bell, 1934
Ford coupe.
Mayor’s choice—Ken Janicek,
1939 Dodge truck.



Grand champion—Kayla Morgan, Cameron FFA, buyer Kenny and Heather Mingus, $400, plus $25 added money, total $425.

Reserve—Jason Kopriva, Cameron FFA, buyer Luminant Buyers Group, $275, plus $55 added money, total $330.


Grand champion—Lauren Willey, Cameron FFA, buyer Jerry and Agnes Kostroun, $300, plus $125 added money, total $425.

Reserve—Kylee Kopriva, Cameron FFA, buyer Luminant Buyers Group, $225, plus $55 added money, total $280.

SENIOR COOKIES Grand champion—Cameron

Cooper, Gause 4-H, buyer, David Betchan, $250, plus $200 added money, total $450.

Reserve champion—Madalyn Orsag, Cameron FFA, buyer Cameron Buyers Association, $200, plus $25 added money, total, $225.


Grand champion—Tyler Shillings, Thorndale 4-H, buyer Standard Home Health, $350.

Third place—Corbin Pruesse, Thorndale 4-H, buyer William and Sheree Smith, $225.


Grand champion—Sydney Vaculin, Cameron 4-H, buyer Larry and Christi Coufal, $275.

Reserve champion—Alexandra Bomer, Thorndale 4-H, buyer Standard Home Health, $1,025, plus 200 added money, total $1,225.


Reserve champion—Samantha Sanders, Thorndale 4-H, buyer Patzke Trucking, $150.

Third place—Garrett Jordan, Rockdale 4-H, buyer Miller Starnes Chevrolet-Buick, $625, plus $90 added money, total $715.


Farthest distance traveled—
Jeff Durrenberger.
Most unique equipment—
Franklin Boettcher.
Best tractor pre-1950—Jeff
Best tractor after 1950—Tom
Most unique tractor and
equipment—Marty and Sandra
Elman, 1955 Allis Chalmers and
1920 potato digger.


Brendon Myers, Travis Morgan, Matthew Schupp, Savannah Garcia, Jordan Myers, Kendall Lee, Jaxon Hayles, Jale Walzel, Chandler Barton.

Patrick Dean, Kaylee Jackson, Jazmin Vaculin, Keagan Galvan, Caitlin Garcia, Cade Gordon, Jistol Walzel, Corey Pruesse, Garrett Bernstein, Heath Hollas.

Corbin Pruesse, Kyrene Jackson, Avree Wadlington, Presley Berry, Abbigail Miller, Sydney Vaculin, Ty Pesl, Trayle Schroeder, Mason Vaculin.

Kloie Cargill, Trew Schroeder, Katelyn Trowbridge, Karsen Galvan, J. W. Hollas, Jayce Todd, Makenzie Becker, Kynlie Cargill, Logan Pevehouse, Carlee Clark.

Reaghan Polson, Macie Vaculin, Harleigh Barrett, Tristan Eanes, Kaden Kovar, Mason Leifeste, Robert Miller.

Montgomery Popham, Layton Mogforg, Cade Hubnik, Mason Lillard, Luke Wheeler, Jac Christman, Lane Koenig, Parker White.


RABBITS—Grand, Ashley Barcuch; reserve, Kevin Junek; senior showmanship, Haley Polson; intermediate showmanship, Ethan Terry; junior showmanship, Kelly Terry; herdsman, Myles Miller; pee-wee, Peyton Polson.

GOATS—Grand, Taije Schroeder; reserve, Kayla Jackson; senior showmanship, Samantha Woods; intermediate showmanship, Caitlin Garcia; junior showmanship, Kyrene Jackson; herdsman, Caitlin and Savannah Garcia; pee-wee, Landon Bishop.

TURKEY—Grand, Hunter Clark; reserve, Luke Leschber; senior showmanship, Colin Kostroun; intermediate showmanship, Houston Harris; junior showmanship, Landri Leschber; herdsman, Erin Free; pee-wee, Landon Bishop.

SWINE—Grand, Koy Quinney; reserve, Natalie Avila; senior showmanship, Jordan Hafley; intermediate showmanship, Madison Hafley; junior showmanship, Danny Cloud; herdsman, Colt Labay; pee-wee, Hadley Meadors.

STEERS—Grand, Jonathan McAnulty; reserve, Ethan Biar; senior showmanship, Colton Coufal; intermediate showmanship, Preston Debault; junior showmanship, Mason Leifeste; herdsman, Devin and Kayla Patton; pee-wee, Peyton Polson.

BROILERS—Grand, Ty Pesl; reserve, John Hanke; senior showmanship, Michelle Stermer; intermediate showmanship, Paxton Reisner; junior showmanship, J. W. Hollas; herdsman, Addie and Paxton Reisner; pee-wee, Jude Penick.

LAMBS—Grand, Kinley Meadors; reserve, Colton Ripley; senior showmanship, Samantha Woods; intermediate showmanship, Logan Fisher; junior showmanship, Garrett Reid; herdsman, Garrett Reid; pee-wee, Hadley Meadors.

COMMERCIAL HEIFER— Grand, Mason Leifeste; reserve, Garrett Reid; senior showmanship, Wesley Payne.

AG MECHANICS—Grand, Brock Gage and Mason Nusbaum; reserve, Ryland Kirk and Jake Parsley.

RODEO—Team roping, Eric Moody and Clay Schneider; series three team toping, Christian Thurman and Jeff Whiteley; barrels, Dawn Anderson.

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