Surprise Kev! A great time was had by all
Kathy Cooke

What a great week-end we just had, even got some awesome rain on top of the cooler temps. Yea!

The week-end started off with a very special Rockdale Sports Hall of Honor ceremony.

Now don’t get me wrong, all of the ceremonies have been special, but this group was near and dear to all of our hearts.

Two sets of brothers were inducted, Tony and Donny Brooks, who we all know and love.

Plus my youngest two brothers, Ken and Kevin.

About a million memories rolled over us, thinking about Ken and Kevin playing tennis together.

My nephew Kevin accepted the award for his father, my youngest brother Kevin, who passed away entirely too early at age 40.

He did an awesome job of speaking at what was obviously an emotional event. So did Ken, I was proud of both of them.

Plus Gordon McKee and Cecelia Holder, I can remember them running, jumping and playing ball like it was yesterday.

Then the excitement continued on Saturday, our family gave nephew Kevin a Halloween Surprise Party for his 18th birthday!

There were a bunch of his friends there and the costumes were awesome! If you know Kevin, you know his friends are going to have some pretty wild imaginations too.

Plus we had four family dogs join the party, Mom and Dad’s dog Aggie, our dog Okami, Ken’s dog Bingo and Kyle’s, uh, daughter (we dare not call her an actual dog, she might get offended) the legendary diva Sweet Pea.

Sweet Pea loves to dress up and she was the prettiest Lady Bug I’ve ever seen.

Uncle Ken was the one chosen to get Kevin out of the house while we got the party preparations going. They left and we had a crazy 30 minutes to get everything ready.

Kevin said he began to get a little suspicious when Uncle Ken left Walmart and started driving 15 mph on Cameron Ave.

Ken is also the worse liar in our family. I guess we didn’t think of that.

They stopped and looked at new trucks, stopped by The Reporter, where our printer Cliff Dungan was working overtime like a fiend to get a printing job out on time.

They walked into The Reporter and Cliff goes “Hey, how’s the party going?”

Kevin goes “Uh, what party?” and ever-ready-with-an-answer Cliff, without skipping a beat, says “Oh I thought you guys were going to have a party for the Hall of Honor people.”

Smooth. Truly a great save. I was impressed when Ken told me.

So the guys finally came back to Mom and Dad’s, Kevin happened to see his friend Alex’s truck and that’s when he kinda figured out what was going on.

In he walked and we yelled “Surprise!” So he may have known a little bit what was going on. But he could have never guessed about the costumes. They were pretty wild.

Thinking of everything, Noelia had ordered Kevin a Breaking Bad hazmat suit and gas mask as his costume.

A great time was had by all, even Kevin’s cousin Kennedy flew in from Georgia to join the festivities.

I was very glad to see her because I didn’t think we were going to see her until the first of December.

GM Cakes, Glenda Morgan, made him the cutest cake. I emailed her the birthday ad that I had put in the paper for Kevin and she put that on the cake and it looked awesome!

I can’t believe he’s 18 already. Time sure flies when you’re having fun.

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