‘Con’ comes from ‘confidence,’ so don’t trust everyone

A nyone who sets out to take advantage of the elderly should face jail time. The criminal mind is not lazy or stupid. It is alert and cunning.

Crooks should never be underestimated or ignored. Isn’t it strange to say “I am not a snitch” or tattletale to protect the wrongdoer rather than notifying the authorities?”

The con artist’s trick of the trade is to win confidence. “Con” comes from confidence artist. These undesirables know they can take unfair advantage when they are trusted.

Another trick is to gleam personal information by tricking people into talking too much.

How do con artists know our personal data? We tell them. How do con artists get our money? We write them a check. The crooks do not have to steal from us when we just hand the cash over to them with a smile on both faces. “Phishing” is a method used to capture information. A greeting in an e-mail is a “one size fits all” shotgun pattern indicating the scattering shot might find a victim.

Greetings like “Dear One, Hello, Beneficiary, Friend, etc.” should tell you they don’t know your name.

Our mind skims by the greeting and because the e-mail is on our computer, we think the sender is writing to us.

Maybe a touch of greed comes out when we start thinking of a life of financial security. It would be nice if these funds were offered by someone living across the street or next door, instead of some foreign country, would it not?

Name dropping is another tactic used to win you over. People that are well known and respected are used for the trust affect. If you were a betting person, how many con artists use their real names in these e-mails?

Pretty easy to answer that one.

Schemes there are methods to “salt” or bait the potential victim’s interest, advance fee plots, and countless ways people are manipulated.

Report illegal behavior to the proper authorities when you know about it or when you are suspicious about something.

Use Milam County CrimeStoppers to report wrongdoing anonymously. Call 1-(888)697-TIPS or you can go online and report crimes through web-tips . Just do the right thing. VOTE— Speaking of doing the right thing, Tuesday Milam County voters will vote on some very important issues.

Very little information explaining these 9 propositions is on the ballot. There is not much television exposure.

The general public is expected to research the whys and wherefores, I guess, but in societies’ fast pace, who has the time for that?

Water is one of the most valued resource on earth. This issue is Proposition No. 6 on the ballot. Pay attention. Vote before or on Nov. 5.

Senior citizens vote. This time. Take a crowd with you.

Turn the expected “light turnout” into a record turnout for elections without candidates.

See you at the polls.

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