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Allen Sanders
RISD Community Relations Director

School safety is an important asset on all campuses in the Rockdale ISD. Our school administrators and staff are devoted to the safety and security of our students, and we want to reassure our parents of this commitment. Parental “Peace of Mind” is the goal, so parents can feel comforted knowing their child is safe in our care. TEA requires all school districts to conduct a “Safety Audit” on each campus every three years to determine our safety strengths and also, areas where we need improvements.

Kurt Streck has been our district’s School Safety Administrator for a number of years, and has done an excellent job staying on top of district needs and state requirements. However, this year our School Safety Administrator duties will be shared by Alice Van Borssum, RES asstisant principal and Brent Hasselbach, RHS assist principal. Together, they will work to continue the high level of safety in our district, and make any adjustments that are needed.

Hasselbach has assisted Streck in prior years and Van Borssum has already attended a Safety Seminar where she experienced many effective strategies and techniques for maintaining school safety on our campuses.

Building access has been a priority on our campuses and each day Officer Tommy Shriver, School Resource Officer, conducts a building “check” on each campus to help insure visitors entering our buildings are doing so appropriately. All visitors are required to enter at the main entrance during regular school hours and be scanned in by our “Raptor” system. This process can be lengthy at times, but our office staffs on each campus are working to alleviate delays. We ask our visitors to be patient with our efforts to maintain school safety.

With the recent challenges to school safety, we at Rockdale ISD want to stay “proactive” rather than “reactive” in regards to the safety of our students and staff.

HIGHLIGHTED CAMRISD PUS—This week our highlighted campus is the Rockdale Elementary and their “Right Choice” program. Principal Sandee Calame provides information regarding this very successful program on her campus.

Each week we recognize students from each grade level for making the “Right Choice” in school. We are focusing on young children and their behavior teaching them that they have a choice and need to make the “Right Choice.”

Teachers give students a piece of paper designated as the Right Choice coupon, students sign and deposit in a box. Each Monday Right Choice student’s names are randomly drawn for the award, and these students are invited at the end of the six weeks to have lunch on the stage with community members. Each student receives a certificate and gets their picture taken for the bulletin board.

Officer Shriver invites community leaders to have lunch with the “Right Choice” students. These guests explain their jobs in the community and allow students to ask questions. This past week we were honored to have Judge Jerry Waggoner and Officer Sterling Sheppard.

Positive reinforcement is important. The RES staff tries to always praise your children for good behavior, so he or she does not see misbehavior as the only way to get attention.

We want all our children at RES to make the “Right Choice” throughout their school careers, so we start at pre-kindergarten and continue through second grade with the reward program. We would also like to take this opportunity to thank Rodney Lewis of Rockdale Signs and Photography for providing the “Right Choice” stickers that are worn by the students who attend the lunch with community leaders.

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