Here’s proof that ‘good people live in Rockdale’

Dear editor,

Recently while working at Reliant Stadium in Houston I was approached by a man working there.

He said that he noticed that the logo on my truck said the company that I worked for was from Rockdale and wondered if I knew anybody from there.

I told him I knew a few people in town and asked why was he asking. That is when he said “good people live in Rockdale”.

I asked him if he knew someone there and he said “no not by name but let me tell you a story.”

He was driving a truck for a living a few years back. He was hauling a load from New Jersey to Giddings when he was cut off by small car outside of town. He chose to hit the ditch instead of the car.

He said the car had just passed him and he saw two young kids in the back seat. His truck flipped and he blacked out.

When he came to there was a older man, he guessed to be about 70, pulling him from the truck because the trailer was on fire.

He was worried that he would lose his job because the company would think he fell asleep. The older couple had seen the whole thing and said not to worry.

The fire turned out to be very small. He said a big wrecker company was called and did a great job getting the truck and trailer stood back up so the load could be moved to another truck to be delivered.

I asked him if the wrecker was from Rockdale and he said “yes” but he didn’t know the name.

I knew who it was so I asked him if was (Ron) McCoy and he said “ yeah that was it; man that guy was super nice.”

He also said the troopers that worked the wreck could not have been nicer or more helpful.

He was carried into town by a constable to a place to get something to eat while he waited on someone coming to get him. Someone paid for his meal and he had no idea who.

He said the restaurant was part of a motel. (I’m guessing Kountry Inn). He finished by saying that if he was ever in a bad situation like that again he hoped that the people are half as nice to him as the people were to him in Rockdale.

I gave him my card and he read it and looked at the logo again and said “I bet you do know a few people there.”

He asked me to tell those guys thanks and he really appreciated all the help.

I have no idea what the guy’s name is but this is his story.

Thanks, good people of Rockdale.

Lin Perry

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