Current Hall of Honor Members
Photography by Bill Martin

Tony Brooks Tony Brooks Class of 2013—Donny Brooks, Tony Brooks, Ken Esten Cooke, Kevin Cooke, Cecilia Holder, Gordon McKee.

Class of 2012—Insenell Richards, Leigh Shepard, Angela White, O.E. Wilhite.

Class of 2011—Fred Johnson, Mike Korth, Kerry Locklin, Robert Luetge, Randy J. Morgan, James Russell, Lew Simmonds, Jackie Thompson, Don Wesley, Theresa White, Dick Wiegend.

Class of 2010—Gerald Adams, Tom Black, Rainey Eanes, Ronnie Laurence, Liz Galloway, Ray Locklin, Odis Mack, Sammie Moore, Susie Piper, Bob Roberson, Martin Stroman, Garry White, Ted Weems.

Class of 2009—Samaji Akili (Sammy C. Williams), Sue Jean Bennett, Bill Cooke, Glenn Chmelar, Edward Grubbs, Veron Guest, Ronnie Heflin, Barbara Young Kastner, Richard Kubiak, Ernie Wayne Laurence, H. Earl Marion, Art “Copie” Perry, Mike Speer.

Class of 2008—Ray Birchfield, Ernie Laurence, Duane Vincent, Matthew “Doc” Cook, Flora Mack, Annie Bell Wesley, Donnie Laurence, Ronny Menn, L. B. Kubiak, Lee Earl Gadison, Zelma Dykes, Gary Holliman, Dick Summers, Billie Jean Washington, Rufus Wolridge, Dan Yezak.

Cecilia Holder Cecilia Holder Class of 2007—Weldon Alford, Louise Barnes Ohnesorge, T. A. Weems, Billy Ray Locklin, Leroy Wright, Ralph Johnson, Kirby Owens Wright, Jack Kyle, Hal Stanislaw, Clyde Luetge, William Moultrie, Eural Davis Sr.

Donny Brooks Donny Brooks

Ken Esten Cooke Ken Esten Cooke

Gordon McKee Gordon McKee

Kevin Cooke Kevin Cooke

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