Scammers will target new federal health care
Ted Hubert

What do you hear on the news nowadays? Usually it is an indicator of what the con artists are planning next. Let’s focus on the nations health plan.

It is confusing for senior citizens to know who to trust or where to go for accurate information regarding current law.

The people are ignorant about the facts in the Affordable Care Act and the rollout plan did not work as expected. The computer gurus promise to get the machines operational by the end of the month.

The marketplaces were to be set by Oct. 1, 2013 and the enrollment opened now for six months to March 31, 2014. People needing insurance can shop for the best one that fits their needs.

It may be less expensive than their previous policy and cover more health problems.

Citizens with insurance are not needing to shop in the marketplace. Citizens will be required to indicate the name of their insurance company to the Internal Revenue Service (IRS).

The IRS is statutorily mandated to collect the fines from those not in compliance with the law.

You do not need to fear that the IRS agents will kick in your doors at midnight or foreclose on your homestead, however, you will be better served when you are law abiding.

Hopefully, education is on its way. The general public needs to know more about their choices and their costs. Health care is expensive and insurance is a necessary evil. All of this is fertile soil to grow half-truths, false statements, and criminal offers to enroll people Into the Health Insurance Marketplace. You need to be alert and keep your wits about you. You may need someone to assist you in setting up the best insurance plan for you.

The Office of the Inspector General is concerned that con artists may ask for money to help you. No legitimate assister will ask you for money.

You should not allow anyone to threaten you with lawsuits for non-compliance with federal laws. Impostors may claim they work for the government via email, telephone, letters or appear at your door.

Do not hesitate to ask for their identification. If they are authentic, they are eager to share their identification with you. Do not take a quick glance. Look over the ID carefully. Take notes if you want. A flash of a badge is not proof enough.

Unsolicited assistance from anyone is enough for you to be suspicious.

People contacting you may be after personal data needed to steal your identity. These “phishermen” may ask for your credit card information, bank numbers, driver’s license and more.

Not all of Milam County TRIAD members are on Medicare and not all MCT members are shopping for health insurance in the marketplace, but all members on Medicare do not need to shop for insurance in the marketplace.

You can call 1-800-318-2596 to report consumer health fraud. If you need more information on the Affordable Care Act (ACA) go online to the official website: Health

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