Takes 600 cows to make a season of NFL pigskins
Bill Cooke

Neighbor Grover sez show him a guy who has all his problems behind him, and he’ll show you a school bus driver. F riday nights are fun in Rockdale, Texas. The football team is very good and the band is also very good. That open date Friday left a lot of us with withdrawal symptoms, but we’ll get our “fix” Friday at Caldwell in the last regular-season game.

You can take my predictions and a dollar and get a cup of coffee anywhere, but I think this team is capable of playing several more Fridays. Go Big Blue.


Speaking of football, here are some interesting facts about the game that you may or may not know:

• The huddle used in football was created by a deaf quarterback, Paul D. Hubbard, so the other team could not read his hand signals.

• The total play time in a football game averages 11 minutes. Wow. That one blows me away, although I’m getting pretty fed up with all the instant replay, automatic reviews and the increasing number of long huddles by confused zebras (officials).

• The Houston Texans are the fifth professional sports team to use the name Texans. Three defunct pro hockey teams also used the name, and the Kansas City Chiefs started out the Dallas Texans before owner Lamar Hunt moved them out of Cowboy country.

• Since the American Professional Football Association became the National Football League (NFL) in 1922, the Chicago Bears are the only team not to change its name or city.

• Every single NFL football is made in a Wilson factory in the village of Ada, Ohio, population 6,000. And, it takes 600 cows to make enough footballs for one NFL season. I have no idea why they’re called pigskins.

• Highest score ever in football was in 1916 when Georgia Tech beat Cumberland 222-0. Truthfully, I thought a Cumberland was something you wore with a tuxedo.

• The Baltimore Ravens are named after Edgar Allan Poe’s famous poem, The Raven, but not the actual bird.

• The Dallas Cowboys haven’t played in Dallas since 1971 when they left the Cotton Bowl, but you knew that. Yep, Texas Stadium is in Irving and now Jerry’s World in Arlington (AT&T Stadium).

• St. Louis Rams (formerly from LA) were the first NFL team to use their logo on their helmets.

• The Green Bay Packers are a publicly-owned corporation— the only NFL team to have this status.

• Dr. James Naismith introduced helmets to football, but he’s better known as the inventor of basketball.

• Former Minnesota Vikings kicker Fred Cox invented the Nerf football in 1972, and still receives royalties.

• The NFL is considered a non-profit and thus is tax-exempt. Doesn’t that somehow tick you off? All those rich owners, playing their teams in stadiums built by taxpayers?

• The NFL requires that all stadiums be built facing north-South so the sun never interferes with play. Most college stadiums follow suit, but many high school fields (including our own Tiger Field right here in Regal Rockdale) do not since games are generally played at night. Thus the praise heard often, “He’s a great northsouth runner.”

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