Administration keeps infringing freedoms

Dear editor,

Remember how Obama, while campaigning for the White House the first time, accused Bush of being unpatriotic for allowing our country to get so deep in debt and for gasoline to be so expensive?

Well, our debt has doubled and gas is much more expensive now.

Bush was accused of “ being too friendly to big oil.” Why not blame the current president?

Obama promised to work with both parties. He didn’t allow any Republicans to take part in the health care decisions.

Also, he seldom makes a speech without making a negative remark about “those Republicans.” When you continuously berate someone in public how can you expect them to cooperate with you or respect you?

He’s convinced me that he wants to cause division. We have never heard the truth about the “Fast and Furious” debacle.

We do know that Obama and Hillary Clinton intentionally lied about the Benghazi tragedy and that Obama was very cozy with the IRS leader while the IRS was giving groups who disagreed with Obama’ policies a very difficult time.

I’ve never known of a president who told so many fibs to us and so far, it look like he has gotten away with it.

It looks like the mainstream press just keeps on protecting him. You would think by now some in the Senate and House would demand that impeachment proceedings should begin.

Back to the IRS. When the powerful IRS starts doing political work for the president, that’s very serious and very dangerous.

Individual freedom is gradually being infringed upon.

Charles Helmer

1600 North FM 487


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