Water bill ‘ridiculous’ for three-person home

Dear editor,

Who else is tired of being abused by this city’s water department?

I have had it with the water department not reading meters and just guesstimating monthly water usage.

I have a household of two adults and an infant.

This last month we were billed for 6,000 gallons of usage versus the 3,700 the prior month.

Let it be known that no one in my household drinks the water in fear of becoming ill, which means we also don’t use it to cook with.

We have maybe 3-4 loads of laundry per week.

The water is so terrible that I had to place a filter on the sink in order to rinse my infant’s wipes due to the harshness of Rockdale water breaking his bottom out.

We pay an outrageous amount of money for water we only use as a necessity, and even then don’t want to actually use it.

As a city, we need to come together and demand change.

This is ridiculous!

Danielle Airen Donnelly

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