Milam voters okay 8 amendments, turn down one Tuesday

Milam County voters pretty much followed the path set by the state Tuesday in deciding the fate of nine proposed amendments to the state constitution.

Milam voters okayed eight amendments and rejected one. Turnout was a low 5.6 percent.

Statewide, all nine passed by large margins.

The amendment getting most of the attention, No. 6, passed in Milam 438 to 351, a spread of 56 to 44 percent. It authorized creation of state water funds.

Milam voters opposed No. 5, by 405 to 365. It authorizes reverse mortgage loans when purchasing homestead property.

Closest Milam vote was No. 3, which was endorsed by 398-374.

Milam County results:

No. 1 (Killed in action spouse tax exemption)—Yes, 660; no, 131.

No. 2 (Obsolete requirements)— Yes, 655; no, 130.

No. 3 (Aircraft parts exemption)— Yes, 398; no, 374.

No. 4 ( Disabled veterans exemptions)—Yes, 602; no, 105.

No. 5 ( Reverse mortgage loans)—Yes, 365; no, 405.

No. 6 (Water board, fund)— Yes, 438; no, 351.

No. 7 (Charter vacancies)—Yes, 524; no, 257.

No. 8 (Hidalgo County hospital)— Yes, 519; no, 219.

No. 9 (Judicial conduct sanctions)— Yes, 616; no, 158.

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