10 names submitted for POSGCD water board

Three incumbents are renominated

Milam County commissioners are mulling 10 nominations for three four-year positions on the Post Oak Savannah Groundwater Conservation (POSGCD) board of directors.

County Judge Dave Barkemeyer said Tuesday the names are being considered for the three Milam County positions being filled this year and that he will call for separate votes on each position at the Nov. 25 commissioners meeting.

There are five total Milam County positions on the POSGCD board. The other two positions will be filled in two years.

Nominees for the three positions up for appointment this year are:

Municipal—Kerry Starnes ( i nc umbent), nom i nated by Rockdale City Council; Steven Wise, nominated by Cameron and Milano City Councils; Allen Hejl, nominated by Thorndale City Council.

Industrial— Jim Hodson ( i nc umbent), nom i nated by Alcoa; Brad Masek, nominated by Luminant; Sid Youngblood, submitted resume for consideration on behalf of Milam County agriculture industry.

Agriculture—Jay Tumlinson (incumbent), Kathy Johnston, Ann Stanislaw, Durwood Tucker, all submitting nominations.

INTERVIEWS—Barkemeyer said the nominations were made prior to an Oct. 30 deadline and that now it’s up to the five-member commissioner court—four commissioners and the judge—to make selections from the field of nominees.

He said the Nov. 25 selection date depends upon whether interviews are concluded as planned.

“ We (commissioners court) have agreed not to discuss our preferences after the interviews,” Barkemeyer said.

At the Nov. 25 session Barkemeyer said he planned to call for separate votes on each of the three positions, municipal, industrial and agricultural, independently.

A majority vote—three assuming all five members are present— will be required to elect.

BURLESON—The other two Milam County-appointed positions are rural water supply, currently held by Dwayne Jekel, and at-large, currently held by Carroll Glaser.

T he 10 - memb er POS G CD board, headquartered in Milano, also includes five members from Burleson County, appointed by that county’s commissioners court.

Earlier this year Burleson commissioners reappointed three incumbents as follows:

• Nathan Ausley, at large.

• Lee Alford III, industry.

• Jay Wilder, agriculture.

Like Milam, Burleson County commissioners will make the other two appointments in 2015.

Currently those positions are held by Tommy Tietjen (municipal) and Robert Ware (rural water supply).

ELECTED DRIVE— L ast year, in the wake of the board’s granting drilling permits to Alcoa at the former Rockdale Operations, a drive was organized to replace the appointed board with an elected one.

While that would take legislative action, proponents of an elected board almost convinced the Rockdale City Council to endorse the idea.

After months of discussion a motion to take no action— essentially to support the current method of appointing members— passed in a 4-3 vote with then-Mayor Larry Jones casting the tie-breaking vote.

Rockdale mayors only vote to break ties.

An earlier motion to support an elected board died for lack of a second.

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