Roundup and Brown Santa efforts begin

Christmas Roundup, the giant Rockdale-area Christmas cheer project which last year served over 1,000 people, is gearing up for its 2013 effort.

And the county-wide Brown Santa program is also accepting nominations for children to be served.

And the Germaine Cares scholarship effort named for a late Rockdale resident wants to “adopt” one family with presents and also provide a free thanksgiving dinner.

ROUNDUP—Applications to be served by Roundup are now available at The Reporter, Lucy Hill Patterson Memorial Library, One- Stop Center, Citizens National Bank, Classic Bank, Rockdale Federal Credit Union, Rockdale Chamber of Commerce, Rockdale City Hall and local churches.

Deadline to nominate families or individuals who are in need of assistance this Christmas is Wednesday, Dec. 4.

Monetary donations can be depositedintheChristmas Roundup account at Citizens National Bank or sent to PO Box 509, Rockdale, Texas 76567.

Food and toy donations can be taken to Rockdale Signs at anytime. Other drop off locations for toys and food will be available soon.

SCHEDULE—The Knights of Columbus Hall will be open on Sunday, Dec. 15, from 5- 7 p.m. to accept donations of food and toys.

On Monday, Dec. 16, the KC Hall w ill open at 9 a. m. for volunteers to help fill boxes for delivery to needy families.

Persons who have designated that they want to pick up their Christmas Roundup boxes will be able to do so from 5 to 7 p.m. on Monday, Dec. 16.

Deliver y date for food and gifts will be Tuesday, Dec. 17, beginning at 9 a.m. Families who elected to pick up their boxes and did not do so on Monday may come to the KC Hall at 9 a.m. on Tuesday to receive their boxes.

Volunteers are needed all days but especially on Tuesday to help with delivery.

For additional information, contact Ann King at 446-3773 or email

BROWN SANTA— Milam Count y residents wanting to be served by the Brown Santa toys for kids program are being taken at the sheriff’s office in Cameron.

Applicants must bring a Medic aid or WIC card with the child’s name on it, plus a valid Texas ID. Applications can be picked up at the sheriff’s office.

Anyone interested in donating new, unwrapped, toys can also bring them to the sheriff’s office, the only locations for such donations.

Ask for Wynema Adams or Capt. Douglas, 254-697-7033.

A Brown Santa account has been set up for donations at Classic Bank. Monetary donation may be mailed to: Brown Santa/Wynema Adams, 512 N. Jefferson, Suite A, Cameron, TX 76520.

GERMAINE CARES—TaNisha McKenzie, spokesperson for the annual effort, named for the late Germaine Dawson, said in addition to the annual softball tourney, Christmas presents will be provided for the children of a needy family.

“Also, we’d like to provide a Thanksgiving dinner for a needy family,” she said.

Those interested in either the Christmas presents or the Thanksgiving meal may contact McKenzie at or 512-619-9005. The actual value of this field is shown by the sweep hand, which measures individual gallons. In the meter shown in the photo, the sweep hand reads 9.4 gallons, making the exact number of gallons through the meter 281,010.94.

LEAKS—Water leaks can cost residents and businesses money and waste water. A good practice is to check your home and/or business once a month for leaks.

Here is what residents and businesses can do to see if you have a leak:

Inside the home or business:

• To check toilets. Drop a few drops of food coloring into the tank. Waitafewminutes. If color shows up in the bowl, the flapper is leaking and needs to be replaced.

This can occur even with new toilets and flappers. Sometimes toilets “run.” This is caused by a faulty flushing mechanism and it needs to be replaced. Also, check to makes sure that the water level is not set too high to allow water to run into the overflow tube.

• Check all faucets to see that they don’t drip.

• Check any exposed pipes for leaks.

• Walk around the house/business and yard to see if there is a very green spot or any wet spots. However, much of Rockdale has porous, permeable soil beneath the surface. A leak in the yard may not be evident since the water from the leak may seep down through this layer, rather than collect on the surface.

• Check sprinkler systems. Broken heads only leak when the systemisoperating. Usuallya broken head does not add very many gallons to the water usage, the sprinkler system is on. A broken pipe on the other hand, can leak when the system is on or off and will add many more gallons to the usage.

• Swimming pools with automatic fillers can also malfunction. • Check your water meter to see if the leak indicator is turning. M any w ater m eters h ave a triangular or circular dial that turns if water is flowing through the meter. Turn off all the water in your home/business and then check the meter to see if the dial is turning. If the dial is turning, and it may be a fast turn or a slow turn, then water is moving through the meter and you have a leak somewhere.

The n ew w ater m eters w ill also have a chrome plated leak indicator (they will be circular) in the middle of the dial. If this indicator is turning then you have a leak. The new water meters will be able to detect a leak as small as 1/8 of a gallon per minute.

Additional information about how to read a water meter or check for leaks can be found on the City’s website http:// at Home>City Departments>Public Works Department>Water Leaks.

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