Only ‘red bucket’ money stays with Rockdale SA

Dear editor,

We received my mother’s annual solicitation for the Salvation Army again this year even though she has been deceased three years.

I’m sure others have received this same mailout. This is a wonderful charity, and it does explain that only 6% of the funds go toward fundraising and 12 % go for administrative support while 82% goes toward programs and services.

However, what it does not explain that we found out last year (the hard way) is that this particular mailing is sent out to the Salvation Army of Rockdale, P.O. Box 36607, Dallas, TX 75235 and The Salvation Army of Rockdale, C/o Donation Processing Center, P.O. Box 2389, Stafford, TX 77497-2389.

This is totally misleading because the money sent in this envelope does not come to Rockdale.

The local of f ice has been closed for several months for lack of funds for our own residents, and we know that we should have received a large amount of money specifically labeled for Rockdale for the last two years.

We have proof that the Stafford office received this money and set it aside for Rockdale, but we do not have the food or clothing or camp facilities it likes to subsidize, therefore, it has so far been unavailable to us.

If you choose to donate to the local Salvation Army, every bit of the money put in the red bucket where we ring the bell stays in Rockdale.

We have only overhead of a post office box rental, stamps, and checks, and all help is volunteered.

Every check written and put in the bucket can receive a tax-exempt receipt if there is sufficient return address information given.

Checks can also be mailed to the local post office box (P.O. Box 1442) and a tax- exempt receipt can be written for your donation.

I don’t know if there are any other charities that function like this, but I would look closely at any written solicitations you receive and check out where the money is being sent.

If it looks like it is being designated for Rockdale but is being sent to another town, it’s probably not coming back to Rockdale. It is worth checking into.

We thank you for your generosity you show us each year from Thanksgiving until Christmas, and your local representative does his best to use that money wisely for our residents with the greatest needs.


Pam Holmes

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