Time for a vote to fix city water problems

Dear editor,

If this isn’t ironic, I don’t know what is! It was quite a meeting Monday night, November 19, at the city council meeting.

Lots of folks attending to complain about the brown water. Tuesday night I returned home around 8 p.m. after being gone all day to discover the water was off.

Thinking it would probably be on later, I did my nightly routine of brushing my teeth and washing my face.

But used bottled water. Now comes this morning, Wednesday, Wow! I turned on the tap to brush my teeth and out came an explosion which completely drenched me followed by a brown liquid not dissimilar in color to that of a cheap cup of coffee.

Having experienced that surprise tsunami I cautiously stood back and flushed the toilet. The noise was so loud I wondered if the bolts holding it down were going to be pried from the floor. And again the cheap coffee syndrome.

Not having a rub board (for you younger folks, it looks like the thing they play Zydeco music on) or a clean running creek to do the laundry, I thought I should run the washing machine without clothes to check it out to see if the coffee service had moved to the laundry room.

I fi lled t he washer w ith c old water four times and with hot water four times and it still is not very clean. I have flushed all three toilets a total of 10 times each and still have a problem. And now I will probably get a much higher water bill for all the usage of trying to get the water a little clearer.

Maybe now is the time for the city to get serious about this situation and come up with a plan sooner than a 10-year plan and let the citizens vote on it.

Toby Johnson

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