Reading at secondary level
Allen Sanders
RISD Community Relations Director

The Fall semester at Rockdale ISD is beginning to wind down with less than three weeks left before students and staff enjoy a two week vacation. This week Joey Geletka, Rockdale High School Principal, would like to share some insight on the importance of reading at the secondary level.

By the time students reach the secondary level, they have likely already acquired the basic phonetic skills necessary to read. This does not, however, mean that students are done learning the art of reading especially as it relates to comprehension and retention.

Reading is a skill that services all content areas and like any skill the only way to improve is to systematically practice. As educators and parents, we must work together in helping students develop fluency and continue to build their vocabulary.

Non-readers or poor readers often have low opinions of themselves and their abilities. They feel isolated and behavior problems can surface. As we live in an age overflowing with information, reading is the main way to take advantage of it. Reading is important because it develops the mind, is essential in finding a good job, and inspires the imagination. Just as we practice to build skills and muscles for athletics, practicing reading builds the mind.

The following are key strategies to build reading skills:

1. Set aside time for independent reading daily.

2. Reading is not solely about novels or textbooks. Use high-interest reading materials.

3. Check out books from the local or school libraries.

4. Read with your children and discuss the context of the material.

There are many factors that determine success in this global arena, but if literacy skills are missing, the success of an individual could be limited. Reading is the key; use it as the gateway to life opportunities and build a successful future.

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