Football frenzy

Fans bundle up and rally around home town teams

Never is the trickle down theory more apparent than when it comes to winning and high school football. Everyone around town has a little more spring in their step, anticipation in their voice. Food tastes better.

There was a high school principal speaking on the radio the other day and he stated that he didn’t have any trouble with any students when the football team was in the playoffs. Detention was empty.

While the weather has been horrible, it has hardly put a dent in the number of fans that have shown up to support the Tigers. There was a large contingent of Rockdale fans at both the Center and Fairfield contests which registered 35 degrees or lower temperatures in both instances.

That can be said of Thorndale, Milano and Cameron fans as well.

Milano just reeled off the best season in its history.

Last Thursday night, the Rockdale Booster Club threw a “Tailgating with the Tigers” bash that had to be moved into Tiger Gymnasium, but the harsh weather outside did not deter anyone from filling up the gym and enjoying free hot dogs and cheering every play of a team highlight video.

Two members of the 1976 state championship team made a two-hour trip to the gathering Thursday and addressed the team, Coach Warren Cico and player Leigh Shepard. It was that important to them.

In different ways, they both addressed the same subject: this is a team effort.

“Going back to August when you first began this journey, you’ve done everything together. You’ve sweated, you’ve laughed. You’ve won, you’ve lost. And when you win Friday, don’t forget that,” said Cico, who is now a Methodist pastor.

Shepard made the players stand up and face each other.

He said: “The reason you’re going to do the best that you can, the reason you are going to play like you’ve never played before, is that you don’t want to let your buddies down. These are your buddies.”

Let’s take their sentiments one step further, this is not only a team effort, it’s a town effort as well.—B.M.

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