‘Thank you’ just doesn’t seem enough
Marie Bakken

Every once in a while God places people in our lives who give you a gift you can never pay back. They give not just to you, but to many others throughout their career.

Last week, our little family said goodbye to one of those people. No, she didn’t die. We just don’t have to see her anymore.

Since December, 2009, at least one of our children has been going to weekly speech therapy sessions at Brazos Valley Rehabilitation Center (BVRC) in Bryan. It began with Bradley’s speech being a bit delayed and his pronunciation was distorted some, so we sought help with it. We were directed to BVRC and were truly blessed.

On Bradley’s initial visit we were introduced to his speech therapist, Brianne Grove. Bradley wasn’t really open to new people at that time of his life (he was just over four years old), but from the first appointment there was a connection—a trust that was unexplainable.

After two and a half years, Brianne had Bradley where he needed to be with speech and his vocabulary. About that time, Buck and I realized that Hannah was having some of the same type of delays, so instead of saying goodbye to Brianne then, Hannah just took the same appointment slot.

Well, now Hannah is where she needs to be with her speech and development, and last week we had to actually say goodbye to Brianne.

Her work as a speech therapist is amazing. And to anyone who is in that, for what it is worth, you have my utmost respect. Actually, all those at BVRC or who are in the rehabilitation field are special angels.

The young and old who would pass through the waiting room while we were there, some in wheelchairs, others who cannot communicate at all, they are treated with such kindness, compassion and love.

Brianne’s work with my children was awesome. Bradley went from not being understood to just last week, placing in the second grade Storytelling event at his UIL academic meet—a speaking event.

Hannah’s ability to communicate and be understood by others has helped blossom her personality. Without speech therapy I know she would not be the thriving little Kindergarten social bug that she is.

Brianne has become such a huge part of our lives. We’ve seen her become a wife and a mother during these last four years.

It was difficult to say goodbye. I ugly cried. My kids were sad, as was Buck. I mean what do you say to someone who gave your babies their words?

“Thank you” just doesn’t seem quite enough, but those are the only words we can say.

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