Scammer gets earful from Rockdale resident
Ted Hubert

Roger Booker answered his telephone and heard the news about receiving a fortune. The scammer introduced himself as Roger Kelly and gave his telephone number.

The number 1-866-996-5997 is given so you can recognize the “Mega Million” scam when and if it shows up on your caller ID. The cash is part of the giveaway. Cars were offered, as well.

Booker recognized this as a probable scam and went along with Kelly. He wanted to know if one person could be named that won and received this prize.

Kelly shared the name of John Scott. Booker called John Scott to verify the information, only to hear another voice that could have been Kelly’s voice with a poor attempt to disguise it.

One would suspect this request was not the first Kelly heard.

What was required to release these funds to Booker? Just send “one percent of his winnings to pay government taxes.” Booker had a quicker offer, to speed up the transfer of funds.

To make the scam more believable, a confirmation number was issued to Booker. Well, enough is enough. Roger B let Roger K know in plain English that he knew a scam when the saw one. He also told Kelly what a sorry snake he is and that he should crawl back under his rock.

This was just the tip of the iceberg. The con artist heard words and compound words describing his family tree.

A good cussing is what Kelly got. He knows now not to mess with Texas nor should he mess with Texans either.

Did it do any good? Probably not, because scammers have no guilt. They are incapable of being insulted or admonished in any way. In order to live with yourself, you cannot afford remorse.

Little by little personal integrity of these crooks is eroded away. Their greatest victories are encounters with elderly people and how they were able to steal money with schemes rather than with guns.

In fact, scammers trick people into giving them money, so there is no need to steal.

This scam is reported in and in The name is not Roger Kelly. You can read about James Jefferson instead. Could it be the same person? Wait, the names continue to change from one reported complaint to another.

An 84-year old mother lost over $4,000 to this scam, her son reports. She lives in Louisiana, a Texas neighbor.

Roger and Stella Booker operate the Kountry Inn in Rockdale. They have been doing this for 36 years or more. Stella encouraged Roger to share the Mega Million scam story with Milam County, Texas residents.

Maybe it will keep some 84 year old mother in Texas from giving some low-lifer her money.

It is not enough to read about these criminal acts. You need to share this information with others. Word of mouth is another way to spread news.

So, get involved and talk about ways to avoid being a victim to some phony plan that makes you rich with little risks or effort on your part.

Roger Booker can tell you about his dealings with Mega Million offer. Go the Kountry Inn Motel in Rockdale and buy a cup of coffee.

Ask Roger about Roger Kelly. These two Rogers spoke over the telephone more than once. However they are not on speaking terms anymore.

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