RJH students place at UIL academic meet

Junior high students from Rockdale competed in the District 18-3A UIL academic contests on Dec. 3 where participants from Rockdale, Caldwell, Madisonville and Navasota gathered at Caldwell Junior High for the events.

Winners from Rockdale ISD are listed as follows:

6th Grade

Art—1. Angel Leigh Hollan, 2. Marina Costilla, 3. Vannesa Reyes.

Calculator—2. Oscar Medina, 3. Caleb Schank, 5. Seth Williams.

Chess—3. Ethen Hughes.

Impromptu speaking—3. Ross Loth, 4. Landon Towns.

Listening skills—2. Stassney Davis, 4. Savanna Costilla.

Maps, graphs and charts—4. Marka Kirby.

Mathematics—5. Jose Young.

Number sense—2. Ethan Booker, 3. Brandon Hernandez, 5. Trey Hill.

Oral reading—4. Maddy Moody.

Ready writing—3. Whitley Boyd, 5. Sabrina Pantaleon.

Social studies—6. Shaunacey Cloer.

Spelling—3. Andrea Salazar.

7th Grade
Art—2. Reyna Gonzales, 3. Jennifer
Garza, 4. Balkiran Gill.
Calculator—1. John Zawadzke, 2.
Christian Cook-Parker, 3. Quentin
Chess—1. Rusty Kelley, 3. Alberto
Torres, 4. Nick Brindle.
Impromptu speaking—3. Jackson
Listening skills—6. Tyler Brockenbusy. Maps, graphs and charts— 6.
Stephanie Pantaleon.
Mathematics—2. Ryker Zinn, 5.
Henry Daily.
Number sense—2. Doss Hasselbach. Ready writing—4. Layne Rash.
Science—2. Max Hornung.
Social studies—5. Nathan Newland.

8th Grade
Art—1. Laurelle Hollan, 3. Jordan
Jerman, 5. Hanna Jimenez, 6. Andrea
Calculator—1. Avery Willis, 2. Lesley
Banda, 3. Erica Salazar.
Chess—2. Jerry Ceja, 5. Ervin Russell, 6. Timothy Montelongo.
Listening skills—1. Mariana Blackstock. Mathematics—4. Jacob Phillips.
Modern oratory—5. Calli Pipkin, 6.
Sharice Boyd.
Number sense—1. Patrick Dean, 4.
Hunter Lehmann.
Oral reading—2. Carlee Morgan, 6.
Taryn Arledge.
Science— 3. Walker Crane, 4.
Emma Mireles.
Social studies—5. Jaqualyn Crawford.

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