Another viewpoint for new health care law

Dear editor,

Mr. Vogelpohl (letters, Dec. 12), you don’t need to wait until the upcoming Democratic primary to find out why the change in healthcare was needed.

If you had changed the channel/ station from “Fox Noise” or “Rush Limburger” to CNBC you would have known years ago why the change was necessary. Since you haven’t, let me review why. These are the changes that the affordable Healthcare Law “known as Obamacare” produced:

• As of September 2010 healthcare companies can no longer deny coverage to children on their parent’s healthcare plan with pre-existing conditions.

• People your age on Medicare no longer have to worry about the donut hole in the prescription drug Medicare part D.

• Students recently out of college can stay on their parents plan now until age 26.

• Policy holders have been getting rebate checks in the mail since Obamacare stops insurance companies from keeping exorbitant profits.

• The 25 states unlike Texas who have accepted expanded Medicaid funding will have up to 400,000 of their citizens receive free healthcare.

• Small business people like me won’t have a doubling of premium cost and excluding of pre-existing conditions if we want to change insurance companies.

• “Portability” people will be able to carry forward a policy they are happy with if they change jobs.

You mentioned that you had been told that not a single Republican voted for the healthcare law. That is only a half truth. The part they didn’t tell you was that 161 Republican amendments were incorporated into the bill and approved with democratic support in hopes of making the bill a partisan bill.

It should also be noted that the Affordable Healthcare Law was patterned after the Mitt Romney Massachusetts healthcare law which was predicated on the Heritage Foundation, a conservative Republican group.

The reason there were no Republican votes was not because of the law but because republicans didn’t want the law passed because it was supported by President Obama.

Progressive Democrats like me were pushing for a single payer healthcare plan for all Americans, one that is cost efficient to administrative cost, like the Medicare system that you and your age group enjoy.

As for your comment about destroying the best healthcare system in the world, I do not agree that paying twice the cost for half the care makes the former American healthcare system prior to the Affordable Healthcare law was the world’s best. These facts are there should you like to look them up.

Not taking this anymore Mr. Vogelpohl, then turn in your Medicare Card.


Tommy Grimes

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