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Ridiculous PEG List continues to use outdated data for conclusions

I magine a football team. Okay, got that? Now imagine a football team that loses a game to Team A due to a couple of calls its players and fans don’t agree with.

Okay, it happens. Now, imagine later on in the same season you’re scheduled to play another team, Team B. But league officials decide because you lost to Team A they’re going to count the Team B game as a loss too.

Next season. You don’t have Team A on your schedule this year. But when it comes time to play Team B, the league assesses you another loss. Why? Well, you lost to Team A last year.

Yet another season rolls around. Team A is back on your schedule and you beat them by two touchdowns. On Team B week, guess what? Your victory this year doesn’t mean anything to the league which gives you another loss because you lost to Team A two seasons ago.

Ludicrous. yes? One set of Texas education rankings? Yes.

Something called the Public Education Grant (PEG) is about to come out early next year and it will again list our high school and junior-high as “low performing” campuses.

Why? Those campuses landed on a Texas Education Agency (TEA) “unacceptable” list in 2011. PEG doesn’t have anything new, just recycles the TEA information.

Last year there were no TEA rankings in the changeover from one alphabet-soup statewide test to another, as TAKS became STAAR. So the PEG List again included the two Rockdale campuses because of the now one-year-old TEA rating from 2011.

This year, thanks to a lot of hard work, not only did all Rockdale ISD campuses get acceptable TEA ratings, the junior-high earned a distinction in a subject area.

So guess what PEG did? Right, listed Rockdale’s two campuses again because of the now two-year-old TEA rating from 2011. Parents will get letters about it. Again!

Good news, sort of. Rockdale will probably come off the list next time around. But don’t ever take anything score-related in Texas education for granted.

Oh, and what is the PEG List supposed to be about? To inform parents in “low performing” schools they can transfer into another school district.

Which is something they could have done anyway for decades, for any reason. It happens all the time.

Wonder if we can just play “Team C.” No, that would probably stand for “comedy.”—M.B.

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