Thorndale, Milano, Gause junior high students win at UIL meet

Junior high students from Thorndale, Milano and Gause competed in their district UIL academic contests on Dec. 10-11 where participants from Thorndale, Milano, Gause, Thrall and McDade gathered at Thrall ISD for the events.

Thrall won the event, followed by Thorndale, Milano Gause and McDade.

Winners from Thorndale, Milano and Gause are listed as follows:

6th Grade

Art—1. Thorndale; 2. Milano; (individual) 1. Mason Drumm, Thorndale; 2. Natalie Jones, Gause; 3. Angela Zeig, Gause; 4. Bailey Baggerly, Thorndale.

Calculator applications—1. Thorndale; 3. Milano; 1. Corbin Pruesse, Thorndale; 2. Jacob Pedroza, Thorndale; Jacob Barron, Thorndale.

Chess puzzles—2. Milano; 1. Tristan Massey, Milano; 3. Benjamin Gaston, Gause; 5. Isaac Atkins, Milano.

Dictionary skills—2. Gause; 3. Thorndale; 4. Emma Dyer, Gause; 5. Emily Wall, Gause; 6. Alyson Jost, Thorndale

Editorial writing—1. Angela Zeig, Gause; 5. Bryanna Graf, Milano; 6. Chris Strange, Milano.

Impromptu speaking—1. Rainey Buchanan, Thorndale; 2. Natalie Jones, Gause; 5. Savana Taylor, Thorndale; 6. Kaleb Todd, Thorndale.

Listening skills—1. Milano; 3. Gause; 1. Holden Willard, Milano; 2. Emily Wall, Gause; 4. Lane Herzog, Thorndale.

Maps, graphs and charts—4. 1. Gause; 2. Milano; 1. Jagger Rubio, Thorndale; 2. Major Bui, Milano; 3. Angela Zeig, Gause; 5. Abbigail Miller, Gause.

Mathematics—2. Milano; 3. Gause; 2. Isaac Atkins, Milano; 5. Emma Dyer, Gause.

Music memory—2. Thorndale; 4. Lane Herzog, Thorndale; 6. Kyle Northcott, Thorndale.

Number sense—2. Thorndale; 3. Milano; 4. Ron Meaker, Thorndale; 5. Jacob Pedroza, Thorndale; 6. Bryanna Graf, Milano.

Oral reading—2. Rainey Buchanan, Thorndale; 3. Abby Pachl, Thorndale; 5. Savana Taylor, Thorndale; 6. Emily Wall, Gause.

Ready writing—1. Madison Moody, Thorndale; 2. Mason Drumm, Thorndale; 4. Angela Zeig, Gause; 5. Mary Brown, Milano; 4. Natalie Jones, Gause.

Social studies—1. Gause; 3. Milano; 1. Abbigail Miller, Gause; 4. Natalie Jones, Gause; 5. Major Bui, Milano; 6. Angela Zeig, Gause.

Spelling—2. Milano; 2. Angela Zeig, Gause; 5. Natalie Jones, Gause; 6. Mason Drumm, Thorndale.

7th Grade

Art—1. Gause; 2. Milano; 1. Jack Fisher, Thorndale; Landry Laywell, Thorndale; 3. Alexis Welch, Gause; 4. Aldo Amaro, Gause; 5. Ashlynn Rogers, Gause; 6. Emma Batten, Milano.

Calculator applications—1. Thorndale; 2. Milano; 1. Madison Kelm, Thorndale; 2. Corey Pruesse, Thorndale; 3. Anthony Boykin, Milano; 4. Parker Jones, Milano; 5. Dekota Guerra, Thorndale; 6. April Morgan, Milano.

Chess puz zles—1. Milano; 3. Gause; 1. Alexis Welch, Gause; Tyler Avrett, Milano; 4-tie. Parker Jones, Milano and Scott Guzman, Thorndale; 6. Faith Walton, Gause.

Dictionary skills—2. Milano; 3. Victoria Elliott, Thorndale; 4. Faith Walton, Gause; 5. Hannah Laurence, Thorndale; 6. Christian Thurman, Milano.

Editorial writing—2. Parker Jones, Milano; 4. Faith Walton, Gause; 6. Mason Westbrook, Milano.

Impromptu speaking—1. Summer Wycough, Thorndale; 2. Faith Alton, Gause; 3. Sophie Thomason, Thorndale; 6. Scott Guzman, Thorndale.

Listening skills—2. Thorndale; 3. Milano; 4-tie. Faith Walton, Gause, Leslie Pavlasek, Thorndale and Summer Wycough, Thorndale.

Maps, graphs and charts—1. Thorndale; 2. Milano; 1. Emily Valdez, Thorndale; 2. Elise Biar, Thorndale; 3. April Morgan, Milano; 4. Faith Walton, Gause; 5. Parker Jones, Milano.

Mathematics—2. Thorndale; 2. Faith Walton, Gause; 5. Austin Pausewang, Thorndale; 6. Parker Jones, Milano.

Number sense—2. Thorndale; 3. Milano; 1. Mattie Fisher, Thorndale; 2. Parker Jones, Milano; 4. Kayden Tanner, Thorndale; 6. Faith Walton, Gause.

Oral reading—1. Summer Wycough, Thorndale; 2. Sophie Thomason, Thorndale; 4. Destiny Arnold, Thorndale; 6. April Morgan, Milano.

Ready writing—4. Faith Walton, Gause; 5. Ashlyn Rogers, Gause; 6. Parker Jones, Milano.

Science I—1. Gause, 2. Milano; 1. Faith Walton, Gause; 3. Hayley Stewart, Milano; 4. Anthony Boykin, Milano; 5. Matthew Betz, Thorndale; 6. Tyrese Day, Gause.

Social studies—2. Milano; 3. Thorndale; 2. Parker Jones, Milano; 3. Faith Walton, Gause; 4. Luke Leschber, Thorndale.

Spelling—1. Milano; 3. Gause; 1. Parker Jones, Milano; 3. April Morgan, Milano; 5. Elise Biar, Thorndale

8th Grade

Art—1. Thorndale; 2. Milano; 1. Casey Carter, Thorndale; 4. Hadley Holder, Thorndale; 5. Brooke Bankston, Thorndale; 6-tie. Kalie Poehl, Milano and Kali Taylor, Milano.

Calculator applications—1. Thorndale; 1. Sierra Henderson, Thorndale; 2. Madison Hafley, Thorndale; 4. Emilie Compton, Milano; 6. Renee Reyes, Thorndale.

Chess puzzles—2-tie. Thorndale and Milano; 2. Manuel Garza, Milano; 4. Zachary Stockton, Thorndale; 5. Chloe Krause, Thorndale; 6. Ashley Gongora, Gause.

Dictionary skills—1. Milano; 3. Thorndale; 1. Donald Grosshans, Milano; 3. Trebeaux Broussard, Milano; 6. Sebastian Pedroza, Thorndale.

Editorial writing—3. Kenna Bounds, Milano; 4. Shianna Tidwell, Gause; 5. Kalie Poehl, Milano; 6. Brianna Summerlin, Gause.

Impromptu speaking—1. Caitlin Garcia, Thorndale; 2. Logan O’Campo, Thorndale; 4. Kylie Buchanan, Thorndale; 6. Kalie Poehl, Milano.

Listening skills—2. Thorndale; 3. Milano; 1. Donald Grosshans, Milano; 5. Maureen Goodwin, Thorndale; 6. Sam Tatroe, Thorndale.

Maps, graphs and charts—2. Milano; 3. Thorndale; 2. Kenna Bounds, Milano; 5. Justin Machac, Thorndale; 6. Keaton Popham, Milano.

Mathematics—3. Thorndale; 2. Kenna Bounds, Milano; 5. Lauren O’Brien, Thorndale; 6. Trebeaux Broussard, Milano.

Modern oratory—1. Devin Dickerson, Thorndale; 3. Chloe Krause, Thorndale.

Number sense—2. Milano; 3. Donald Grosshans, Milano; 4. Kelaria King, Milano; 4. Coleby Driver, Thorndale.

Oral reading—1. Kylie Buchana, Thorndale; 3. Caitlin Garcia, Thorndale; 5. Kenna Bounds, Milano; 6. Amy Wuensche, Thorndale.

Ready writing—1. Casey Carter, Thorndale; 5. Kenna Bounds, Milano; 6. Kalie Poehl, Milano.

Science II—2. Milano; 3. Thorndale; 2. Jacob Harless, Milano; 3. Garrett Woods, Thorndale; 4. Zach Smith, Gause; 5. Matthew Goetz, Thorndale.

Social studies—2. Thorndale; 3. Milano; 1. Andrew Stolte, Thorndale; 4. Donald Grosshans, Milano; 6. Jacob Harless, Milano.

Spelling—1. Thorndale; 2. Milano; 1. Casey Carter, Thorndale; 2. Chloe Krause, Thorndale; 3. Kenna Bounds, Milano; 4. Keaton Popham, Milano; 5. Jesus Hernandez, Thorndale; 6. Amanda Storey, Milano.

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