Don’t dump stray cats in senior housing area

Dear editor,

People are dumping cats on Erie Street in Rockdale’s McCawley Oaks (senior citizen housing) Addition.

They say there is no help from the city.

All people who live in this addition here are elderly and on a fixed income.

They have rules for dogs, so many feet of yardage, so the dogs use everybody’s yards.

So your front yard smells like the old days when you had an outdoor toilet.

Cats run wild with no food.

I thought when a city manager was hired, he was to check Rockdale out.

Drive around and look.

If you have a cat you don’t want, please don’t dump it here.

My grandpa used the say that at the end of time people would live like animals.

That was about 90 years ago and I didn’t know what he meant.

I do now, do you?

Margie Clark

308 Erie


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