Area elementary students place at UIL meet

Elementary students from Thorndale, Milano and Gause competed in their district UIL academic contests on Dec. 10-11 where participants from Thorndale, Milano, Gause, Thrall, McDade and Westphalia gathered at Thrall ISD for the events.

Thrall won the event, followed by Thorndale, Milano, Gause, McDade and Westphalia.

Winners from Thorndale, Milano and Gause are listed as follows:

2nd Grade

Chess puzzles—1. Charles Shenkir, Gause; 3. Yug Patel, Gause; 4. Bradley Bakken, Milano.

Creative writing—2. Cole Dyer, Gause; 3. Montgomery Popham, Milano; 6. Edison Bui, Milano.

Storytelling—1. Joran Amidon, Thorndale; 3. Jenna Lindig, Thorndale; 4. Suzanne Machac, Thorndale; 5. Bradley Bakken, Milano; 6. Kaylee Murphy, Milano.

3rd Grade

Chess puzzles—2. Gause; 3. Milano; 3. Joshua Millar, Gause; 4. Devyn Smith, Gause; 6. Bessie Simpson, Milano.

Music memory—1. Thorndale; 2. Milano; 1. Makaelyn Vivas, Thorndale; 3. Radia Saad, Milano; 4. Lauren Shepherd, Thorndale.

Ready writing—2. Katie Richter, Thorndale; 3. Hope Vickers, Thorndale.

Storytelling—1. Hope Vickers, Thorndale; 2. Natalie Garcia, Thorndale; 4. Raeghan Carlson, Thorndale; 6. Bessie Simpson, Milano.

Spel l ing— 1. Thorndale; 1. Samantha Sanders, Thorndale; 2. Devyn Smith, Gause; 6. Craig Lange, Thorndale.

4th Grade

Art memory—1. Thorndale; 3. Milano; 1. Kelsey Kovar, Thorndale; 2. Karyme Santana, Milano; 4. Elaina Krause, Thorndale; 6. Katlynn Waters, Thorndale.

Chess puzzles—2. Milano; 3. Ireland Josph, Milano; 4. Amber Weaver, Milano; 5. Hayden Lebreche, Gause; 6. Brody Morgan, Milano.

Music memory—1. Thorndale; 2. Milano; 1. Kara Browning, Thorndale; 3. Laycie Penney, Thorndale; 4. Brandee Seelke, Milano; 5. Cole Brown, Thorndale; 6. Kenton Pierce, Milano.

Number sense—2. Milano; 1. Karyme Santana, Milano; 4. Jimmy Penick, Thorndale.

Oral reading—1. Thorndale, Luke Fisher, Thorndale; 4. Saryn Peel, Thorndale; 5. Chloe Grimm, Thorndale.

Ready writing—2. Karyme Santana, Milano; 4. Ireland Joseph, Milano.

Spelling—3. Milano; 1. Karyme Santana, Milano.

5th Grade

Art memory—1. Thorndale; 3. Milano; 1. Humberto Alfaro, Thondale; 2. Kassidy Cargill, Thorndale; 4. Malinda Storey, Milano; 6. Mason VonGonten, Milano.

Chess puzzles—2. Gause; 3. Milano; 4. Hayden Heckler, Gause; 5. Thomas Clanton, Milano; 6. Cordell Spears, Milano.

Dictionary skills—2. Thorndale; 2. Mason Lindig, Thorndale; 5. Tyler Edgar, Gause.

Listening skills— 3. Milano; 1. Cordell Spears, Milano; 6. Alex Kunze, Thorndale.

Maps, graphs and charts—2. Gause; 3. Noah Wall, Milano; Tyler Edgar, Gause.

Music memory—1. Thorndale, 2. Joan Gonzalez, Thorndale; 3. Victoria Herrera, Thorndale; 5. Giselle Lopez, Thorndale; 6. Elijah Demerritt.

Number sense—1. Thorndale; 1. Mason Lindig, Thorndale; 4-tie. Victria Herrera, Thorndale and Chayton Henry, Thorndale.

Oral reading—1. Harlee Sanders, Thorndale; 4. Jordyn Bodiford, Thorndale; 5. Mason Lindig, Thorndale.

Social studies— 3. Milano; 6. Jaden Carmichael, Gause.

Spelling— 3. Thorndale; 1. Ryland Kirk, Gause; 3-tie. Cordell Spears, Milano and Cayden Nicholson, Thorndale.

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