SMC United Way: helping here at home

Kathy Cooke

I have recently accepted a position on a board of directors for a wonderful group, United Way of South Milam County.

This group is an independent entity, dedicated to improving life in South Milam County, including Rockdale, Minerva, Milano, Gause and Thorndale.

The United Way of South Milam County is administered by people from your community. It is you and your neighbors who give and volunteer.

This is the really cool part, 98.5% of all donations stay right here to help organizations in Milam County.

How many charitable organizations can say that? Not many, I assure you.

Who all do we help? Oh just the volunteer fire departments from Black Jack, Milano, Minerva and Thorndale. How’s that for giving to organizations who give right back. They desperately need to keep their equipment current to help keep us all safe.

Also Milam County Child Protective Services, Rockdale Christian Services. Helping those in Milam County who are too little to help themselves.

Also Retired Senior Volunteer Program, Rockdale Senior Center, Senior Center Meals on Wheels and Thorndale Senior Citizens. These are our senior citizens right here. Some are our very own next door neighbors.

Then there is Chr istmas Round-up and Thorndale Cares, making sure our Milam County little ones have a very Merry Christmas.

Also the South Milam Boy Scouts.

So you see, United Way helps people we actually know, not someone far away whom we have never met.

I personally like that idea a lot. Besides our usual donation from The Rockdale Reporter, our employees also take advantage of the payroll deduction program and have been doing so for many years.

So many years in fact, that I actually had to ask if we were still doing it. Whether it’s $1, $2, $20 per paycheck, you will not miss that money each week.

For more information on payroll deductions, billing or donating, contact Tom Puccio at 512- 446-3570.

Or you may mail your pledge to: United Way of South Milam County, P.O. Box 189, Rockdale, Tx, 76567.

Together we can do great things. Right here in Milam County.

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