Dispatchers busy with calls about ice

Dispatch at the Milam County Sheriff’s Department was quite busy over the week, especially during the hard freezes the area experienced.

Operators received a number of calls about vehicles in the ditch or other automobile accidents when sleet and freezing temperatures caused icy and dangerous road conditions across the county on Thursday night, Friday morning and Tuesday morning.

CALLS— Calls dispatched from the Milam County Sheriff’s Department during the past week were listed as follows:

Jan. 21— A r rest made, CR 450, Thorndale area; information, CR 443, Thorndale area; information, North FM 908, Thorndale area; civil matter, CR 279; illegal dumping, CR 240; arrest made, FM 487, Rockdale area; family disturbance, FM 487, Davilla area; suspicious vehicle, FM 845, Cameron area; keys locked in vehicle, Cypress Loop Trail, Rockdale area.

Jan. 22—911 hang up, Charles Mar tin Hall Road, Rockdale area; suspicious male, CR 260; information, FM 437; possible sc am, CR 227; civ il mat ter, Cameron area; assault, Rockdale area; medical call, CR 420, Thorndale area; family matter, CR 348 Loop; abandoned animal, FM 2027; runaway juvenile, FM 908 South; burning after dark, Rockdale West; prowler, CR 265 South, Branchville area; medical call, CR 380.

Thursday— Agency assist, Thorndale area; medical call, unknown; medical call, Milam County; suspicious activity, CR 203 Loop; scam attempt, West Oak, Gause; alarm detected, South US 77; threats, CR 348 Loop, Gause area; disturbance, North 10th Street, Buckholts; welfare concern, Northwood Circle, Rockdale area.

Friday—Vehicle in ditch, US 190, Cameron area; jack-knifed vehicle, US 190, Buckholts; scam attempt, West Oak, Gause; vehicle in ditch, US 190, Cameron area; assault, East US 79; civil matter, FM 485, Branchv ille area; disturbance, CR 221, Cameron area.

Saturday—Civil matter, Milano area; welfare concern, CR 336, Milano area; civ il matter, Bush Road, Rockdale area; stranded motorist, US 77 North, Rockdale area; burglar y, FM 2116; criminal trespass notice, Beverly Drive, Rockdale area; family matter, South FM 1915, Davilla area; burning after dark, Sierra Drive, Rockdale area; information, CR 278, Baileyville area; arrest made, East US 79, Milano area; shots heard, CR 105, Buck holts area; agency assist, East Main Street, Buckholts area; property damage, East Avenue C, Milano.

Sunday— Disturbing the peace, Cameron area; suspicious vehicle, CR 227; civil matter, FM 1444, Ben Arnold area; stranded motorist, CR 263A; alarm detected, CR 105; civil matter, Rosebud area; theft of copper, CR 314; animal neglect, US 77; requesting to speak to deputy, Hood County; welfare concern, US 79; trespassers, CR 314, Rockdale area; citation issued, South FM 908; information, South FM 908, Rockdale area.

Monday—Alarm detected, CR 327, Milano area; information, CR 133B; request to speak to deputy, South FM 908; request to speak to sheriff, unknown area; shots heard, San Gabriel Street, Rockdale; information, North FM 487.

There were also eight loose livestock calls for the sheriff’s department during the week.

CRIME STOPPERS—Tips on any crime listed above, or any other crime, may be phoned in to Milam County, toll-free, at 1-888-697-TIPS (8477).

A reward of up to $1,000 may be paid for tips.

All calls to the CrimeStoppers system are anonymous and no one will ask your name.

Those giving tips will receive a number and will be referred to in all future correspondence with that number.

Tipsters now have the option of giving us tips online on a secure site. Go to the website for information on submitting tips.

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