Our ‘nephew’ dates sure are a lot of fun!
Kathy Cooke

I have a confession to make. Last Saturday, I had a date with a man who was not my husband.

I know, unheard of, right?

Well, he was a little 9 year old man. My nephew Agustin and I went to College Station Saturday for dinner and a movie and boy, did we have fun!

On the way, I stopped for a bottled water and he got a screw top drink (so it wouldn’t spill and make a mess in the car) and asked if he could get a little minican of chips.

I made the mistake of not looking at the flavor of chips he bought.

Note to self: never buy orange powder covered snack food during a road trip. There was orange everywhere!

The first stop on our date was Academy where I bought him some new duds and shoes.

I lost him somewhere between the shoe dept. and the restroom.

Aunt Kathy panicked. I walked fast through the store, looking down each aisle and never saw him.

I was thinking what if some stranger comes up and tells him that the red headed lady he was with wants you to meet her at the car. Would he know not to do that?

By the time I went up to the front and asked the lady to please page Agustin, I was sweating profusely. He appeared at my side in the blink of an eye, grinning. Grrrr!

We then went on to the movie theatre and we had already decided we would see Disney’s Frozen.

When we got to the ticket booth, I told the unusually cheerful ticket guy that we needed two tickets for Frozen.

That’s when I saw the large group of teen-age girls also buying tickets for Frozen, which I thought was a bit peculiar.

So Mr. Cheerful says “Do you want the Sing-Along movie or the regular one?”

I gulped “Sing-Along? No thanks, I’ll take regular.”

Mr. Cheerful says “Ok it starts at 6 p.m.” It was 1:30.

“Then I guess we will see the Sing-Along,” I grumbled. Pictures of Glee flashed through my brain, especially when I remembered the group of teen-age girls.

I have to say, it was actually quite good and Augie and I enjoyed Frozen very much, including the singing.

After the movie, I took the boy to eat at Wings & More. He out-ate me three wings to my one. I think he even growled a little bit while he ate.

He looked up at me, with BBQ sauce from ear to ear, and grinned and said “I had a really fun day today.”

I melted right there in Wings & More. I would have done anything that kid asked me to do.

Even watch Glee.

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