Irresponsible to forward unchecked claims
Ted Hubert

Much e-mail traffic is junk. It is irresponsible for anyone forwarding misinformation to their friends or loved ones without checking on the facts.

One says the government is taking actions to prohibit the elderly from owning guns. was able to trace this email and found it was a bit of misused satire from a website that specializes in writing realistic but fake stories, publishing them and then watching who will link to their bogus news story. .

Do you know a scam when you read one? How savvy are you about spam, scam, and fraudulent emails?

Take this simple quiz:

No. 1—How can you determine if an email was sent to you specifically?

A. It came to my computer; B. It asked for my name; C. My name was in the greeting.

No. 2—You get a warning that your computer is in danger of a virus attack. What should you do?

A. Click on the “no thanks” button; B. Delete the message; C. Run the free computer scan.

No. 3—Your wallet or pocketbook is lost or stolen, what do you do?

A. Report it to the police; B. The police are busy with more serious crimes, so do not bother them; C. Contact the nearest FBI office about the problem.

No. 4—What do you do with the $4,250.00 check you receive in the mail for winning the lottery?

A. Deposit the check and send overage to the sender to pay taxes and fees; B. Deposit the check in your bank account; C. Trash the check.

No. 5—After submitting your income tax, you receive an email from the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) seeking personal data. What action should you take?

A. You click on the link for more details; B. You comply and send requested data; C. Do both a & b; D. Delete the message.

Here are The answers: 1- c; 2-b; 3-a; 4-c; 5-d.

If you got all the questions right give yourself a score of 100. Four of 5 correct for an 80 and if you got three or less correct you failed the quiz.

Surely all of you passed the quiz with flying colors.

Milam County TRIAD provides information about scams, frauds, and schemes to its members.

Keeping the senior citizens of Milam County aware of some of the dangers entering our homes will protect those that read and believe. Unfortunately many take these dangers and send them to their family and friends

Anxious to spread ill will and bad news across our land. Did you resolve that in the year 2014, you would send less junk mail to those in your address book. For those that did, thanks. For those that did not, shame.

It is not too late to make such a promise. In the year 2014, I will not forward e-mails I receive from strangers. In most cases it is better to “delete” than it is to send spam, scams, and schemes, that have malware, to people I like and trust. ted

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