‘Faith made you whole’

I t happened some two thousand years ago in Palestine. A large crowd of people lined the street running through the village. Every eye strained look down the street. It was quite evident that they were expecting someone.

No one took notice of the little bit of a woman in their midst. It was all well and good as far as she was concerned. She was a lowly outcast with a shameful disease.

She had heard through the grapevine that Jesus of Nazareth was coming that way today and had said to herself, “If somehow I could only see him I believe he could make me well.” This in spite of the fact that she had been ill for 12 long years, had been to many physicians, had spent all she had and was no better. Fact of the matter, she knew she was worse.

A neighbor had laughed at her, “Jesus is a great prophet; do you think he would so much as notice you?” But the flame of hope burning inside of her would not be put out. So here beside the road she waited.

Suddenly there was a whir of voices and the crowd surged forward. Jesus was coming! The woman’s heart was pounding. What should she do? In all this crowd and excitement she would never be able to talk to Jesus.

Whatever she did had to be done now—Jesus was passing by. In a moment he would be gone. She knelt to the ground. Her trembling hand reached out and she felt his robe brush ever so lightly against it. Healing power surged through her. She was healed!

She moved back planning to quietly steal away, but it was too late. Jesus had abruptly stopped and was demanding, “Who touched me?” The disciples laughed, “How could anyone tell? The crowd is thronging you on every side.” And Jesus replied, “I know, but this person touched me.”

Feeling his eyes upon her, she stood up and in tears fell at his feet. Then, the words from his lips came in benediction, “Go in peace. Your faith has made you whole.”

Along the road of life have we heard that there is One who is able to heal and make whole? The season of Lent will begansoon— Jesus is passing by. Do we want to be healed and made whole? If we want to—really want to— we can reach out and touch. When we do, we will hear his words: “Your sins are forgiven. Your faith has made you whole!”

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