‘Guardian angel’ saves dog for owner

Dear editor,

On Wednesday evening, Feb. 19, I took my two Yellow Labs out of their enclosure for a walk in the yard/ pasture, just as I have done hundreds of times.

This time things turned out very different. I took my eyes off the dogs for a minute and they both disappeared.

My husband and I searched the pasture and roads for hours and could not find them.

Four hours later my male Lab showed up in the yard. We searched again for his sister, but found no sign of her.

We spent all day searching for her. We called and e-mailed many of the neighbors but no one had seen her.

After her second night out there alone, I was sure I would never see her again. However I still hoped that maybe some kind person had picked her up and would be nice to her.

Early Friday morning, I got a phone call from Jimmy Eixman saying he had seen my Yellow Lab on US 79 at 4:15 that morning on his way to work.

I later realized he would turn out to be Saffy’s guardian angel. He found her sitting on the side of the highway, looking lost, and he took the time to stop and check on her and saw my phone number on her tag.

Then he took her across the highway and railroad tracks and up to a gate, thinking she belonged to someone there, an act that probably saved her from being hit by a vehicle on the highway.

I can only guess that as a train came by it scared her and caused her to move away from the tracks/gate and up toward the house.

She had the company of two sweet dogs that lived there while she waited for us to find her and she probably helped herself to their food and water.

Saffy was missing for 43 long hours and is now home again, safe and uninjured. Thank God for caring people and animal lovers like Jimmy Eixman, who even offered to help me look for her after he got off work, if I had not found her by then.

Thank you to all our friends and neighbors for helping us look for our sweet Saffy.

God’s blessing to all of you.

Sherry Stork,

County Road 306


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