Check out that ‘information’ from your inbox

A n e-mail comes announcing the death of a dear friend. You are requested to attend the services and more details are provided in an attachment.

Natural curiosity urges you to follow the directions. You wonder who died. But clicking on the prompt will download the virus into your hard drive.

It is never a good idea to connect to anything offered in an e-mail from someone you don’t know.

Evil doers provide shortcuts that take you to trouble in a hurry. Calling telephone numbers from emails is dangerous also.

These criminals use look-a-like websites to trick victims into action before they have had time to think things through.

You should find the website through a search engine or call numbers you are familiar with.

Be skeptical of an e-mail’s content, even if it says what you want to hear.

E-mails are nice to use when connecting with family and friends, but other e-mails are not gospel so do your homework and investigate.,,, or are websites giving backgrounds on viruses, scams, frauds and rumors.

Snopes has a search engine and you will be told if information is true or false. Sometimes the report come with a mixture of both true and false statements.

Take charge of information you get in e-mails on your set, especially, if you plan on forwarding the email to family and friends. You don’t want to send false information because you look foolish when the truth is known.

Do a search for “funeral virus” and you will see many websites listed with some information about the virus mentioned in this column.

EXPO—A Senior EXPO is being organized in Milam County for October.

One organizational meeting is history and the second planning session is in April.

Good things are being done with Milam County Triad members in mind.

Next meeting of MCT is 9 a.m. Thursday, at the Milano Community Center across the street from the Bailey Bank Building.

All MCT sessions are open meetings.

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