Hey, who made Mother Nature lose her temper?
Peggy Cooke

Okay, which one of you made Mother Nature mad at us? I don’t think I did—I haven’t even been complaining too much about the weather but, come on now, we should already be complaining about it being too hot instead of again digging out that heavy coat we haven’t worn in years.

The only reason I’m glad the weather is still cold is that our little goldfinches are still hanging around and they will disappear as soon as it starts to really warm up. Bill and I spend a lot of time at the windows watching them on the bird feeders.

They’re a gold color or some bright yellow and about three inches long at most. They gang up on the feeders—we have thistle seeds in sacks and our regular feeders with sunflower seeds—and they will actually run our big cardinals and blue jays and mocking birds right off! There are as many as 20 on the feeders at a time (sometimes joined by even smaller chickadees) and they are tenacious.

When the wind is blowing and it is raining, they are hanging on for dear life, sometimes hanging on the sack upside down. They will just swing there and eat in the worst weather. They’re our wintertime entertainment!

One reason I’m ready for warmer weather is so I can plant my container garden. If you know me, you know I don’t get into much of a hurry about things but I have my pots all ready to plant my new veggies and I’m ready to go. I know it’s still too early though because last year when I was purchasing my plants, there was a woman there who said this was the third time she was buying tomato plants. Twice she had planted them, only to have them freeze back. Maybe it’s not always bad not to get in a hurry. But don’t ask my husband about that—he has an entirely different opinion about it. He bought me a sign that says, “I have not yet begun to procrastinate!”


But another thing I’m glad about is that at least some of the calls from politicians will slow down for awhile after Tuesday. I decided a long while back that I would not vote for anyone who disturbed my nap time or my meal time and I’m sticking to that decision.


Have had several calls about how to buy tickets for the Tejas Art & Book Fair Friday night reception featuring The Almost Patsy Cline Band. There are no actual “tickets” but you can get your name on a reservation list by emailing Michele Morgan at or send a check ($25 per person) to Michelle at 196 Hartmann Ln., Milano, TX 76556.

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