Chronology of Cameo ‘saga’

Here’s a chronology of the
Cameo building saga.
• Aug. 29-30, 2012. In
two incidents, a 125-yearold brick firewall atop buildings on the 100 block of
East Cameron’s south side
(US 79), collapses, damaging the Cameo building and
• Nov. 1, 2012. City officials say the actual owner of
the Cameo building has not
been determined.
• Jan. 17, 2013. Why
still no action? Rockdale’s
revised Building Standards
Commission, cannot function because it is two members short.
• March 4, 2013. Gloria Thrasher assumes full
legal ownership of the building, ending months of legal
uncertainty. Thrasher tells
The Reporter she wants to
restore it and says a structural engineer has termed
the project feasible.
• March 6, 2013. The
now-fully staffed Building

Standards Committee meets
and, on a 3-0 vote with two
abstentions, gives Thrasher
14 days to secure the building, then 60 to demolish it.
• April 9, 2013. Thrasher
appeals that decision to the
city council.
• April 22, 2013. On a
4-1 vote, the council sets
aside the Building Standards Commission’s original
“secure and demolish” order
and sends the Cameo matter back to them for another
hearing and vote.
• May 1, 2013. For a
second time—this vote
unanimous—the commission finds the Cameo building “substandard” and
again gives owner Thrasher an order to secure, then
demolish the building.
• June 10, 2013. Thrasher again appeals the commission’s ruling before the
city council. A motion to
uphold the commission’s
decision and order the
building’s demolition, dies

for lack of a second.
• June 17, 2013. In a
split vote—with Mayor John
King breaking a 2-2 tie—the
council affirms the commission’s “secure and demolish” decree and orders
Thrasher to secure the
building within 14 days and
demolish it within 60. That’s
a “first reading” ordinance
and will require a second
• July 8, 2013. That second reading vote comes up
but the motion dies for lack
of a second. A compromise
proposal passes 3-1, again
setting deadlines, but allowing work on the structure to
• July 24, 2013. Cleanup
work gets under way inside
the Cameo Building.
• Aug. 11, 2013. The
“secure or demolish” deadline set by the council in
June expires.
• Nov. 18 2013. The
council imposes its first
fines, $100 per day, retroactive

to expiration of the
council’s deadline.
• Dec. 9, 2013. With
fines now $4,900, the
council again orders demolition of the Cameo Building and starts the meter
running on a new set of
$100-per-day fines.
• Feb. 10, 2014. William Beene, contractor for
Thrasher, appears before
the council, again saying the
owner wants to prepare renovation plans.
• Feb. 24, 2014. The
council amends its latest
demolition order to again
give the owner a chance to
prepare renovation plans.
• March 10, 2014. Mayor King notes the Cameo
owner has paid the initial
$4,900 in fines and a new
set, with a total of $9,100,
is awaiting final action by
the council.
• March 11, 2014.
Beene comes to City Hall
and takes out a demolition

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