Senior citizens should flex political muscle

Ted Hubert

The National Senior Corps will hold its conference May 13-15 in San Antonio.

The organization was formed over 50 years ago during the JFK administration along with the Peace Corps.

For reservations call (210)222-1400. The Conference registration is $250.00 for Early Birds and $300.00 for the standard charge.

The Senior Corps organizes volunteers to work in their respective communities. It is for age 55-plus for persons to join its volunteer force.

Foster Grandparents Program, Senior Companion Program and RSVP are supported by the Senior Corps.

Foster Grandparents connects senior citizens, with the desire to work with students, to schools wanting to participate in the school program. Teaching reading and tutoring other subjects as well. Senior Companion Program allows Senior Corps members to assist people with limited abilities. Senior Corps members can run errands and other services needed by the ones being helped.

Showing your willingness to serve others which will enhance their quality of life.

Retired and Senior Volunteer Program (RSVP) broadens your horizons. You meet people while gardening, hiking, exercising and other activities in the everyday happenings of your community. You help others but you are helping yourself.

Budgets are being cut and programs are phased out or greatly reduced. It seems that the Senior Corps is on the cutting board.

You might want to call someone in Washington D C. about fully funding these three programs.

It may be time to flex your political muscles and find the power you have in finding ways to persuade our senators and representatives to vote for the stipends and tax credits given to the qualify seniors.

Senior power is found in your voting record. Senior citizens should strive to improve this power, if their voting habit is lacking or if they feel that their vote does not count.

The elderly have a better voting record than the younger generations and many politicians recognize this fact.

It is very important to vote every time the polls open, no matter what. Democracy is not a spectator sport. It is the duty of every American to register to vote as soon as the requirements are met. Parents should make a big deal when their child becomes a first time voter then encourage that child to vote in every election after and build bragging rights.

Are there members of your family 18 years of age that are not registered to vote? The November election will be here soon, so take action now and vote then. You can make a difference.

Sample ballots are available on websites, printed in newspapers, and in the Milam County Clerk’s office. Give your selections some thought.

Know the people running for office and what is behind the issues on the ballot. In-other-words, prepare yourself so your vote cast has a deeper purpose which makes the outcome a greater personal concern.

Maybe you will actually take time to express your views to others with the intent, to persuade them, to get involved and exercise their duty, toward being a good citizen, and vote.

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