Warranty Deeds
Judith Johnston et al to J Vann Properties LC – lots, A.N. Green Addition,
Cameron (v. 1,222, p. 554).
Willie Elliott Mullinax to Alva Ray Mullinax and Deandra Mullinax Lawrence (v.
1,222, p. 606).
Deandra Mullinax Lawrence to Alva
Ray Mullinax (v. 1,222, p. 609).
Michael K. Vernon and Erin G. Vernon
to Jose Manauel Rivera and Leticia Rivera – 17.316 acres, James Reese Survey
A-303 (v. 1,222, p. 653).
Hollis Lewis to Francisca Escobar (v.
1,222, p. 700).
Arledge & Shanahan Capital LP
and Arledge & Shanahan GP LLC, Terry Arledge, manager, to Paul V. Johnson and Rita K. Johnson – two tracts,
Maria J. Delgado Survey A-14 (v. 1,222,
p. 727).
Daniel M. Topper Jr. and Tesha Cheri
Topper to Brian L. Silverberg and Diana
L. Silverberg – George Dampkin Survey
A-139 (v. 1,222, p. 768).
Kevin L. Keller and Shelley L. Keller
to Brian L. Silverberg and Diana L. Silverberg – George Dampkin Survey A-139

(v. 1,222, p. 776).
Lois M. Harwell aka Lois M. Burnett
and Newton Burnett, agent and attorneyin fact, to Pete A. Scarmardo – John K.
Tyler Survey A-62 (v. 1,222, p. 820).
Douglas Ray Beckhusen and Tina
Beckhusen to Wendell Jay Beckhusen
and Jana Beckhusen – Jose Antonio De
Pena Survey A-43 (v. 1,222, p. 835).
Harold G. Frank to Brad King and
Sheryl King – Jose Leal Survey A-290
(v. 1,222, p. 881).
Mildred Dove to Terry Arledge – Jose
Leal Survey A-29 (v. 1,222, p. 899).
Mariano Llanas to Francisca Sorola –
Lot 7, Block 2T (v. 1,223, p. 42).
Douglas Ray Beckhusen and Tina
Beckhusen to John H. Davis Jr. and Sue
K. Davis – 79.99 acres, Jose DePena
Survey A-43 (v. 1,223, p. 47).
Girland T. Snelgro to Patrick Stancill
and Demetrice Stancill (v. 1,223, p. 51).

Warranty Deeds
With Vendor’s Lien
B.A. Cunningham Jr. and Kimberly
Cunningham to Whiskey Hollow Ranch
LLC – three tracts, Fernando Rodriguez
Survey A-53 (v. 1,222, p. 528).

Andrew K. Thurman and Kelsey D.
Thurman to Brad C. Masek and Julie A.
Masek (v. 1,222, p. 673).
Lawrence E. Cissna Jr. and Diane Cissna to Linda Kay Manley – David Gallagher League A-24 (v. 1,222, p. 704).
Jose David Castillo and Ana Lucia
Castillo to Jose David Ruiz Torres and
Wendy Ruiz – Albert M. Tandy Survey
A-354 (v. 1,222, p. 741).
Norman Lanford and Peggy Lanford
to Clyde W. Chandler – Lot 36, Block
C, Original Town, Cameron (v. 1,222, p.
Linda J. Cotten aka Linda Gallahan to Moses Silva and Carly Ann Silva –
Charles Bigelow Survey A-100 (v. 1,222,
p. 840).

Special Warranty Deeds
Secretary of Housing & Urban Development to John D. McCoy and Yvette A.
McCoy (v. 1,222, p. 659).
James Hanse and Suzanne Hanse
to K2H Farm LLC – James Welch Survey A-377 (v. 1,223, p. 1).

Deed Without Warranty
David Wenzel, Louis A. Wenzel and

Michael Wenzel to Honyak Properties –
S.C. Robertson Grant (v. 1,222, p. 21).

Mineral Royalty Deeds
James Martin Fisher to Black Rain
Ltd. (v. 1,222, p. 789).

Executors Deed
Connie Lee Marsh Estate, William
Todd Marsh and Donna Lee March, co-independent executors – W.W. Hill League
(v. 1,223, p. 15).

Mineral Deeds
Bonnie M. Casentini Trust, JPMorgan Chase Bank NA, trustee, to James
D. Schwefel Jr. and Bonnie M. Romovich Trust (v. 1,222, p. 567).
Heartland Resources Inc., Joe T.
Shepperd, president, to Joe T. Shepperd
(v. 1,222, p. 739).

Memorandum Leases
William Graham and Nan Jones Graham to Eagle Ford Minerals LLC – seven tract, Welch Cottle Survey (v. 1,222,
p. 787).
Brooke King, attorney-in-fact, and
Burford King to Trustar Operating co. Inc.

– James Prewitt Survey A-288 (v. 1,222,
p. 793).
Crest Production Co., Brooke A. King,
president, to Trustar Operating Co. Inc. –
James Prewitt Survey A-288 (v. 1,222,
p. 795).

Oil and Gas Leases
Daniel T. Korkmas and Leanne M.
Korkmas to Eagle Ford Minerals LLC –
38.26 acres, S.A. Long Estate (v. 1,223,
p. 33).

Contracts for Deed
Richard Thrasher Sr. to Hubert P.
Gauthier – Spring Creek Subdivision (v.
1,222, p. 873).
Richard Thrasher Sr. to Bartolo Bocanegra – Spring Creek Subdivision (v.
1,222, p. 877).

Civil Cases Filed
CitiFinancial Servicing vs. Rudolph
Hemmitt et al – other, contract.
Vester Sullivan vs. Patricia Stark –
other, injury or damage.
Jamie Shelton vs. PNC Bank National Association – other, contract.

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