TRIAD will give programs to groups in county
Ted Hubert

Milam County TRIAD met Thursday in Milano for its regular SALT Council meeting.

The May meeting has been canceled. Next meeting will be June 5.

MCT will gladly arrange to have a SALT Council member present a short program on request.

Topics could include its history, purpose, benefits, report on scams, frauds, and other attacks on the older generation.

You can call (512)455- 3635, (512)455-9591, (512)446-5110. (512)446- 2784, or (512)446-2983 and set the time, place, and date.

MCT has partnered with the Milam County Homeland Security for materials needing to be explained and distributed which will prepare Milam County residents where to go, what to take, in case evacuation from the home is required. If you prepare for the worse condition possible, it will not happen.

Scammers are now soliciting medical alert system orders over the telephone with a high success rate.

The caller explains that a relative paid for the monitoring device and the connected monthly expense.

It is required to show some document to prove your identity. The bank account number is given and the next day $35 is withdrawn “to pay the cost for enrolling.”

Barbara Adams, 70, says she continues to receive robocalls asking her to accept the order. Barbara called her daughter to see if the medical alert program had been purchased in her name.

Of course, her daughter knew nothing about the order. Barbara hung up.

This did not stop the calls, and neither did it stop Barbara from hanging up the telephone each time she recognized the automated telephone call.

This is an excellent example of turning an act of attempted fraud into a minor aggravation.

Those targeted are senior citizens having some medical problems.

Is there some link provided to these crooks. A list of possible prospects sold on the black market? It could happen. One man reported the calls began the day after his wife visited the emergency room with her dislocated shoulder.

Stay alert and be on the watch for this scam. It may show up at your house. This scam is currently active in Texas, New York, Wisconsin, Kentucky and Michigan.

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