Birthday twins ‘mystery’ is finally solved
Peggy Cooke

A m I the only one in Milam County who didn’t know Freddye Debault and Bettye Ducote were t wins? I ’ve k nown both for years and I have always thought they were the same person. I only began to get suspicious when they both moved from Milano at about the same time.

I came home and said that Freddye and Fred Debault had moved into the Helen and Siegfried Backhaus’ home on Alcoa Street. (You do know that your home doesn’t become your home in Rockdale until you move out, don’t you? For instance, we now live in the Darrall Walker house, although they haven’t lived in Rockdale in a long time.)

T hen a few days later, I saw Bettye getting settled into a house on Brazos Street and I told Bill, “Well, I lied to you, Freddye and Fred didn’t move into the Backhaus house, they are moving into a house on Brazos Street across from the tennis courts.”

T hen another few days later, I saw Freddye was having a garage sale at the Backhaus house on Alcoa and I didn’t know what was going on.

I don’t remember for sure who told me what was going on—I think Ethel Throckmorton—who tried to straighten me out about the whole matter.

B ut I hope you saw the cute birthday picture of the “girls” in last week’s Reporter and maybe you will know why I was so confused. I hope they had a wonderful birthday celebration and I hope they will tell me which one they are when I see them at the grocery store from now on.


The Bad to the Bone guys and gals have done it again. T heir bike r un to benefit the MARC Center has just grown and grown, thanks to the work and generosity of a lot of people. E verything f rom the barbecue meal for the public and the bikers, to the awesome auction, to the party later went smoothly and the consumers that work at the MARC Center can now enjoy a lot of “extra” activities that they couldn’t always do because of budgets and such. A big “thank you’ is due to all those who helped in any way.

And, speaking of the MARC Center, one of their money-making projects is the picnic packs that you see at a lot of gatherings. I f you’re planning a grad party, wedding, anniversary party, reunion or whatever, check with them. T hey can fi x you up with inexpensive utensils and they can even personalize the packs for you with whatever message you want. S ome churches are even using them for their dinners and receptions and find that it is more economical to do it that way. It w ill help you and it will keep those consumers busy.

T hey also have t wo large shredders and do shredding for a nominal fee, so if your business is in need of this service, call the Center, 512-446-2190, to get the details.

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