Warranty Deeds

PeggyJan Limited Par tnership, Michael Richardson, president, and Ultra Development Inc. GP to Elton Ray Barron – lots, Newton & Johnson Addition, Thorndale (v. 1,223, p. 643).

Guillermo B. Olivarri Sr. to Deborah Gage – lots, Ben Arnold (v. 1,223, p. 745).

Maxie Jackson and Peggy Ann Jackson to Ocwen Loan Servicing LLC (v. 1,223, p. 821).

Marie Martinez Ramirez to Billie F. Imbert, individually and as co-independent executrix, et al – Mary Michalk Second Addition, Thorndale (v. 1,223, p. 869).

Clark Family Living Trust, Jack Willard Clark and Woodie Lavon Clark, trustees to WAC 1 Trust – S.C. Robertson Survey A-52 (v. 1,224, p. 1).

Jay Krakower to K2H Farm LLC – Jose Leal Survey A-29 (v. 1,224, p. 19).

Warranty Deeds

With Vendor’s Lien

James A. Henderson and Sara Henderson to Wade G. Hiney and Baeleigh Hiney – Gabriel Jackson Survey A-223 (v. 1,223, p. 621).

Bobby Joe Burleson, Bonnell Burleson aka Bonnelle Burleson and Josephine J. James to Victor Vernon Wiggins – Jose Leal Survey A-29 (v. 1,223, p. 709).

Elyse Bragg and John Bragg to Elton Ray Barron – Newton Johnson Addition, Thorndale (v. 1,223, p. 747).

Billie F. Imbert, individually and as co-independent executrix, et al to Edward J. Polasek II – two tracts, Mary Michalk Addition, Thorndale (v. 1,223, p. 873).

Special Warranty Deeds

Anneliese Gann to Donald Tucker (v. 1,223, p. 796).

Ocwen Loan Servicing LLC to Fannie Mae aka Federal National Mortgage Association – T.J. Chambers Survey A-7 (v. 1,223, p. 830). Gift Deeds

Norma Schoessow to Curtis Schoessow and Bonnie Sue Blue – Eli Williams Survey A-380 (v. 1,223, p. 677, 680, 683).

Mineral Royalty Deeds

Daniel Keith Beck to Black Rain Ltd. (v. 1,224, p. 8).

Saundra Jean Beck aka Saundra Jean Beck Harper to Black Rain Ltd. (v. 1,224, p. 10).

Jerry Wayland Morgan to Black Rain Ltd. (v. 1,224, p. 12).

Distribution Deed

Jasper F. Williams Life Insurance Trust (Oct. 18, 1963), JPMorgan Chase Bank NA, trustee, to Dr. Jasper Williams Jr. and Carolyn Williams (v. 1,223, p. 651).

Oil, Gas and Mineral Leases

Charles E. Houston and Sharun A. Houston to Exploration Techniques Inc. – J.L. Nickolson Survey A-283 (v. 1,223, p. 669).

Albert Charles Thielemann and Margaret Ann Thielemann to Exploration Techniques Inc. – Nichols and Gilland Surveys (v. 1,223, p. 671).

Thomas Eugene Jones et al to Carl Nathan Rubac – Sarah Wilhelm Survey (v. 1,224, p. 36).

Joe Timothy Hanke and Abbie Gayle Hanke to Carl Nathan Rubac – J.J. Acosta Survey A-1 (v. 1,224, p. 41, 44).

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