Warranty Deeds

Billie Lou Moore, Murray Clyde Moore and Myrlann Moore Hopson to John Reece and Elizabeth Reece – Davilla (v. 1,227, p. 544).

B.D. Adkins IRA, Equity Trust Co., custodian FBO, to Regina Myers – part of Block 39, Rockdale (v. 1,227, p. 657).

David Charles Tucker, Joy L. Tucker and Jeffrey Preston Tucker to Earnest Dodd – Lot 1, Block 1, S.M. Burns Estate First Addition (v. 1,227, p. 679).

Barbara Janette Rosenthal Hargrove to Tammy Lynn Hargrove Smith – 20.533 acres, J.J. Acosta Survey (v. 1,227, p. 682).

Clyde Lilburn Hargrove Jr. and Barbara Janette Rosenthal Hargrove to Tammy Lynn Hargrove Smith – west half of 16.803 acres (v. 1,227, p. 684).

Tammy Lynn Hargrove and Barbara Janette Rosenthal Hargrove to Clyde Lilburn Hargrove Jr. – east half of 16.803 acres (v. 1,227, p. 687).

Betty L. Bartlett to Milam Music Co. Inc. – two tracts, W.W. Lewis Survey A-30 (v. 1,227, p. 701).

Nancy Michalka et al to Roger Paul Mitchell – Jose Antonio DePena Survey A-43 (v. 1,227, p. 753).

Warranty Deeds

With Vendor’s Lien

James L. Chandler and Patricia L. Chandler to Diego Martinez and Jaquelin Martinez – Lee R. Davis Survey A-137 (v. 1,227, p. 518).

Virginia Comeaux and Calinda Lou Comeaux to Pesl Rentals LLC – Lots 7- 8, Rockdale West, Section 2 (v. 1,227, p. 530).

Douglas Ray Beckhusen and Tina Beckhusen to Willmond Maresh – Jose DePena Survey A-43 (v. 1,227, p. 551).

Courtney Anne Fowler Estate, Jim Grimshaw aka James A Grimshaw IV, independent administrator, to J. Rukin Jelks III and Patricia A. Jelks – John F. Guthrie Survey A-175 (v. 1,227, p. 633).

Secure Covenant Interests Ltd., Heritage Select Investments LLC, general partner, to David Navarro and Linda Noelle Bennett – James H. Smith Survey A-331 (v. 1,227, p. 769).

Warranty Deed Gift

Barbara Janette Rosenthal Hargrove and Tammy Lynn Hargrove Smith to Clyde Lilburn Hargrove Jr. – 4.781 acres, Hunt/Acosta (v. 1,227, p. 690).

Special Warranty Deeds Misty McClaren Berry to Samuel Wayne Berry – Daniel Monroe Survey A-38 (v. 1,227, p. 661).

JPMorgan Chase Bank NA to Secretary of Housing & Urban Development – part of Lot 1, Block 115, Rockdale (v. 1,227, p. 725).

Cemetery Deed

City of Cameron to Denise Miller – Lots 37-39, Row 5, Section 6, Oakhill Cemetery (v. 1,227, p. 582).

Correction Deed

City of Cameron to John Cherry and Elizabeth Cherry – Lots 27-30, Row 1, Section 4, Oakhill Cemetery (v. 1,227, p. 580).

Memorandum Lease

John S. Brooks and Sandra K. Brooks to Trustar Operating Co. Inc. – James A. Prewitt Survey A-288 (v. 1,227, p. 803).

Probate Cases Filed

Jancie Rose Jannett et al applied for the Kenneth Lee Davis Estate – muniment of title.

Karen Martinez applied for the Leon C. Karwoski Estate – small estates affidavit.


Civil Cases Filed

Milam County vs. Lee Hemphill et al – tax case.

Milam County vs. William Dunn et al – tax case.

Pioneer Wireline Services vs. Allied Operating Texas – consumer/commercial debt.

Cobra Industrial Services vs. AXI Capital Partners – consumer/commercial debt.

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