Warranty Deeds

DMB Investments Inc., David M. Burg, president, to Darren D. Osgood et al – Swoap and Tandy Surveys (v. 1,232, p. 168).

William H. Stork to Ricci Curtis – Lots 24-25, Block 52, Hairston Subdivision, Rockdale (v. 1,232, p. 218).

Thomas C. Doss to James Dawson and Norma Dawson (v. 1,232, p. 220).

James Dawson and Norma Dawson to Era Gunworks LLC (v. 1,232, p. 224).

Robert Delbert (Bobby) Evans aka Bob Evans and Carlene Evans to Jeffrey L. Fisher and Rebecca Fisher – John F. Guthrie Survey A-175 (v. 1,232, p. 230).

Joaquin A. Gonzales to Randy Thompson – part of Lot 21, Peiser Addition, Rockdale (v. 1,232, p. 264).

Kathrine Lawhon Martinez to Bob Tovar – Lot 33, Northwood Estates (v. 1,232, p. 281).

Wanda J. Burnett to Giles Newton Burnett – J.P. Jones Survey A-28 (v. 1,232, p. 357).

Cameron Economic Development Corp., Robert Schiller, president, to Cameron Independent School District – Daniel Monroe Survey A-38 (v. 1,232, p. 360).

Joe Neal Shaw and Darlene Shaw to Kristina Ossler – Augustine W. Sillaven Survey A-326 (v. 1,232, p. 373).

Richard H. Godfrey and Lilly Louise Godfrey to Eric J. Silva and Maria D. Silva – Samuel P. Carson Survey A-119 (v. 1,232, p. 455).

JF Electric Inc., Jerry Faske, president, to JF Holdings LLC – two tracts, Samuel Bowers Survey A-97 (v. 1,232, p. 483).

Dennis L. Brooks Jr. and Linda P. Brooks to Charles Miles – Lot 1A, Block 1, Washington Heights Addition (v. 1,232, p. 571).

Virginia Sue Mason et al to David Skala and Lois Skala – John Benson Survey A-112 (v. 1,232, p. 574).

P.B. Mewhinney Jr. to Marilyn Mewhinney Rushing (v. 1,232, p. 661).

Daniel Sadler and Tiffany Sadler to Deborah Vann Self-Directed IRA, Citizens National Bank, custodian – D. Monroe Survey A-38 (v. 1,232, p. 722).

Warranty Deeds

With Vendor’s Lien

Betty Dovel to Robert Pfeil and Denise Pfeil – Martha Rogers Addition, Cameron (v. 1,232, p. 267).

John Yakesch and Shannon Yakesch to Todd A. Rairigh – R.L. McElvey Survey A-276 (v. 1,232, p. 313).

S&V Partnership, Harry D. Vowell, general par tner and attorney-in-fact, and Larry E. Sanders, general partner, to Robert Loyd and Patricia Loyd – William W. Hill Survey A-191 (v. 1,232, p. 438).

James K. Walker and Glenda S. Walker to Gaylen Phillips – Lots 22 and 24, Block 4, Oak Park Subdivision (v. 1,232, p. 515).

Burke Baurerschlag and Evelyn Bauerschlag to Michael D. Rozell and Stephanie A. Rozell – Lot 13, Block 2, City Park Addition, Thorndale (v. 1,232, p. 555).

Joe Timothy Hanke and Abbie Gayle Hanke to Barbara Elaine Bauer – two tracts, J.J. Acosta Survey A-1 (v. 1,232, p. 599).

Aaron Paulsen and Kristi Paulsen to Eric K. Melde – lot, Thorndale (v. 1,232, p. 705).

Sharon F. Romberg to Larry M. Lawrence – Miguel Davila Survey A-13 (v. 1,232, p. 760).

Correction Warranty Deed

Guy St. Clair Combs III to Guy St. Clari Combs III 2011 Irrevocable Trust, Marion Wilcox Combs, trustee (v. 1,232, p. 289).

Special Warranty Deeds

Larry J. Anders et al to Palomino Property Group LLC – Lot 2, Block 9, Westwood Subdivision (v. 1,232, p. 228).

Patricia Kimbrell and Regina Kay Thompson, agent and attorney in-fact, to Zenaida Gallegos – George Ussery Survey A-369 (v. 1,232, p. 300).

Kenneth G. Willy to Michael Willy et all – three tracts (v. 1,232, p. 342).

Pardee Family Revocable Survivors Trust and Pardee Family Revocable Family Trust, Phyllis L. Pardee, trustee, to Hawks Hill Ranch LLC – Barron and Underhill Surveys (v. 1,232, p. 539).

Cemetery Deed

City of Cameron to Martha Lee – Lot 13, Row 18, Section 1, Oakhill Cemetery (v. 1,232, p. 173).

Gift Deeds

Pete J. Scarpinato and Lavon Gray Scarpinato to Theodore Franklin Gray and Karen Gray – Thomas J. Chambers Survey A-6 (v. 1,232, p. 492).

Pete J. Scarpinato and Lavon Gray Scarpinato to Timothy Ashborn Gray – Thomas J. Chambers Survey A-6 (v. 1,232, p. 499).

Mineral Royalty Deeds

San Saba Royalty Co. LLC to Miramar Eaglebine LLC – Cook Survey (v. 1,232, p. 187).

San Saba Royalty Co. LLC to Coronado Resources 2013 LP – J. Dunlap Survey A-140 (v. 1,232, p. 663).

Quitclaim Deed

Frank Zayed to Aramand Zayed (v. 1,232, p. 511). Memorandum Leases

Eddie Mae Lawson Watters to Metropolitan Water Co. LP – 37.986 acres, Fernando Rodrigues Survey (v. 1,232, p. 631).

Palyce K. Williams to Metropolitan Water Co. LP – 50acres, Fernando Rodrigues Survey (v. 1,232, p. 636).

Melvin Ray Eddington to Metropolitan Water Co. LP – 37.986 acres, Fernando Rodrigues Survey (v. 1,232, p. 641).

Vyisha Cooks to Metropolitan Water Co. LP – 50 acres, Fernando Rodrigues Survey (v. 1,232, p. 646).

Probate Cases Filed

Lois C. Fry applied for the John R. Fry Estate – letters of testamentary (PR11051).

Norman G. Haisler Sr. applied for the Norman Haisler Jr. Estate – letters of testamentary (PR11052).

Richard Brumbelow applied for the Evangeline “Sally” Brumbelow Estate – letters of testamentary (PR11053).

Diania Jones applied for the Jessie Jones Jr. Estate – letters of testamentary (PR11054).

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