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“Shattered Dreams” program volunteer

I am sure that many of you have been hearing a lot about ‘Shattered Dreams’ and have wondered what this is.

It is a two -day school based program that promotes responsible decision making among high school students regarding under age drinking and impaired driving. This is about driving after drinking or riding with a drinking driver by showing them how irresponsible choices can end all dreams.

On April 6 this reenactment was filmed showing a very realistic event. It takes an entire community to present this program. We thank each and everyone that gave your time in order to make this film happen in such a real life setting.

All juniors and seniors of Rockdale High School were encouraged to submit an essay describing their views on this topic, and what life would be like if they were to be killed in a alcohol related accident. How would their family cope with this?

There were some very powerful essays submitted. The top essay winners play very strong roles in this film and in the assembly itself.

This program has been used in high schools nationwide since 2002.

This is the first year that it has been brought to Rockdale High School.

On Thursday, the students chosen will be participating in a part of the program called “The Living Dead.”

Statistics say that there is a student killed by a drunk driver every 15 minutes. This will be shared with the entire student body throughout the day.

At 9:30 a.m. Friday, this film will be shown at RHS. The mock accident was filmed by students of Midway High School.

Actors in this film are all students of RHS. In addition to the film being shown there will also be a speaker that is a parent who has lived this nightmare. This mother will share her story with the students and they will see exactly how a family is broken and how life goes on when dreams are shattered.

The community has been very receptive to this program and to the awareness that it brings to our kids as the school year is coming to a close. There will be proms, graduation parties, graduation and much celebration. W e just w ant to remind our kids at how quickly their own dreams can be shattered.

After this program is shown to the student body it will be available for viewing on YouTube.

There is a cost to putting this program on. And in addition to those cost we would like to start a scholarship fund for this event, and for the essay writers.

If you (individual or business) would like to make a donation you can contact Janice Cowan at 512-373-5224 or Kay Bow at 512-429-8080.

Any donation can be deposited into the Shattered Dreams account set up at Classic Bank. Any amount would be very appreciated.

Our children deserve to live a long productive life....not one that is shattered.

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