East siders on council need to change minds

Dear editor,

At the city council meeting Monday night I witnessed three elected representatives from the east side of town bow down and follow the mayor’s wishes, voting to buy six acres of property on the west side of town when two acres is all that is needed.

The city has been considering building a new and costly building on t hat property.

Since the location is slightly off US 79, it will be barely visible to travelers or to anyone.

They failed to think of their own side of town that needs a massive overhaul.

A new building at the site of Gill’s Store or on the next block where the carwash is located would dramatically change and improve the look of our town.

Not only that, but having a police presence there will help to deter crime while keeping this area from being a hang out for vagrants.

My question for you, east side council members, is: Who do you, our elected council members, represent, the east side residents or the mayor?

We on the east side did not vote you into office for you to be led around by a nose ring.

Your actions are extremely disappointing.

I believe that I speak for many of your other east side constituents.

A concerned citizen,
Mary Phillips
437 San Gabriel

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