Trump towers over Milam

Upset winner polls 73.47%

At 6:45 a.m. Tuesday, early birds were waiting on 7 a.m. opening at new Rockdale voting location, the Patterson Civic Center. 
Reporter/Mike Brown At 6:45 a.m. Tuesday, early birds were waiting on 7 a.m. opening at new Rockdale voting location, the Patterson Civic Center. Reporter/Mike Brown Milam County voters joined in what’s being called the biggest upset in American presidential elections since Truman vs. Dewey, 68 years ago, on Tuesday.

Republican Donald Trump defeated Democrat Hillary Clinton by 49.81 points in Milam.

Trump, and running mate Mike Pence polled 6,340 votes (73.47 percent) to 2,042 (23.66 percent) for Clinton and Tim Kaine.

That’s by far the largest margin of victory in Milam County for any Republican presidential candidate. Four years ago Mitt Romney drew 66 percent of the vote.

In fact, Trump’s winning margin Tuesday was the largest by any presidential candidate in Milam County since favorite son Lyndon Johnson, a Democrat, defeated Republican Barry Goldwater by 76-to-24 percent in 1964.

Trump carried all of Milam County’s voting boxes. He carried Rockdale by a combined 1,828 to 762. (71 percent to 29 percent).

There were 176 votes for the Libertarian Party ticket of Gary Johnson and William Weld and 49 votes for the Green Party’s Jill Stein and Ajamu Baraka. Three write-in tickets shared 22 votes.

There were no local (county level) contests.

TURNOUT—The 8,773 turnout, representing 59 percent of Milam County’s 14,773 eligible voters, was just, short of the record 8,855 (60 percent) set in 2004.

Early voting was also a record. After early voting concluded Friday, 5,916 votes were tallied. That shatters the old early-voting record of 4,768 set in 2012.

CONGRESS—In the race for Congress, District 17, incumbent Republican Bill Flores polled 6,327 votes to 1,919 for Democrat William Matta and 253 for Libertarian Clark Patterson.

(See box-by-box on presidential and congressional races, page 5A).

CONTESTS—Milam totals for other contested races:

Railroad commissioner— Wayne Christian (R), 5,841; Grady Yarbrough (D), 2,169; Mark Miller (L), 299; Martina Salinas (G), 112.

Justice, Supreme Court, place 3—Debra Lehmann (R), 5,996; Mike Westergren (D), 2,029; Kathie Glass (L), 314; Rodolfo Rivera Munoz (G), 96.

Justice, Supreme Court, place 5—Paul Green (R), 6,074; Dori Contreras Garza (D), 2,038; Tom Oxford (L), 230; Charles E. Waterbury (G), 72.

Justice, Supreme Court, place 9—Eva Guzman (R), 5,914; Savannah Robinson (D), 2,093; Don Fulton (L), 302; Jim Chisholm (G), 88.

Judge, Court of Criminal Appeals, place 2—Mary Lou Keel (R), 5,882; Lawrence “Larry” Meyers (D), 2,161; Mark Ash (L), 272; Adam King Blackwell Reposa (G), 62.

Judge, Court of Criminal Appeals, place 5—Scott Walker (R), 6,011; Betsy Johnson (D), 2,070; William Bryan Strange III (L), 213; Judith Sanders-Castro (G), 100.

Judge, Court of Criminal Appeals, place 6—Michael E. Keasler (R), 5,999; Robert Burns (D), 2,087; Mark W. Bennett (L), 297.

Member, State Board of Education, district 10—Tom Maynard (R), 6,102; Judy Jennings (D), 2,259.

UNOPPOSED—Terry Wilson (R) drew 6,650 votes to become the new District 20 state representative, which includes Milam County.

Cindy Olson Bourland (R) received 6,586 votes for Justice, Third Court of Appeals District, place 2 (unexpired term).

Melissa Goodwin (R) polled 6,581 votes for Justice, Third Court of Criminal Appeals, place 4.

COUNTY—Vote totals for Milam County positions (all unopposed incumbents except for Precinct 4 Constable, which replaces an incumbent who did not seek re-election):

John Youngblood, (R) district judge, 6,789.

Bill Torrey (R), county attorney, 6,636.

David Greene (R), sheriff, 6,811.

Sherry Mueck (R), tax assessor-collector, 6,788.

Richard “Opey” Watkins (R), Precinct 1 commissioner, 1,660.

John L. Fisher, Precinct 3 commissioner (R), 2,013.

John Anderle (R), Precinct 1 constable, 1,664.

Charlie West (R), Precinct 2 constable, 1,396.

• Jay Beathard (R), Precinct 3 constable, 2,059.

• Michael Moehling (D) Precinct 4 constable, 1,150.

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