Warranty Deeds

Jackie McCallum Jr. and Carolyn C. McCallum to Robert McCallum, Jack McCallum and Carolyn C. McCallum (v. 1,321, p. 597).

Brian Simons, individually and as successor trustee, et al to Lareta W. Moore and Joe G. Moore Jr. – 70.35 acres, A.W. Sullivan Survey (v. 1,321, p. 694).

Girland T. Snelgro to Patrick Stancill and Demetrice Stancill – Azra Webb Grant (v. 1,321, p. 725).

Dava Lewis, individually, as agent and attorney-in-fact, and Michael A. Lewis to Ronald K. Raab and Robin L. Raab – Lots 1-20, Blocks 55-56 and 71-72, Milano (v. 1,321, p. 739).

James David Westbrook et al to Hugo Nanyo Banda Longoria – Lot 5, Block 1, Ramsey Addition (v. 1,321, p. 742).

Hugo Nanyo Banda Longoria to Martin W. Gonzales and Marciela Briones Romo – Lot 5, Block 1, Ramsey Addition (v. 1,321, p. 750).

Dorothy V. Tomascik et al to Nancy Day Sandlin and William T. Sandlin – two tracts, Buckholts (v. 1,321, p. 754).

Tammy R. Delgado fka Tammy Bracamontez Kirk to Billy Goodman – Lot 7, Block 2, Smith Addition, Rockdale, Cabinet A Slide 50-B (v. 1,321, p. 828).

Roy Willard and Nydia Vega Willard to Walther Ehlers and Pearly Ehlers – 1.09 acres, Azra Webb Survey A-387 (v. 1,321, p. 854).

Junior Cruz Reyes and Elena Reina Reyes aka Helen Reyes to Junior Cruz Reyes and Elena Reina Reyes aka Helen Reyes – Block G, Reese Addition, Cameron (v. 1,321, p. 893).

Cynthia Strmiska to Hometown Building & Management LLC – Lot 1, Vlore Addition (v. 1,322, p. 8).

Alejandro Castillo and Ana Castillo to Larry Gilbreath – Lot 12, Gabriel Crossing (v. 1,322, p. 254).

Warranty Deeds With Vendor’s Lien

Deborah L. Bland to Rebekah L. Hall – Lot 20, Block 5, Coffield Addition (v. 1,321, p. 605).

William Austin Dodds and Casey Leigh Dodds to Scotty Lee Lagrone – 3.488 acres, T.J. Chambers and P. Sapp Surveys (v. 1,321, p. 631).

Gail Crawford to Chris Scheffel and Amy Scheffel – Lot 3, Block 5, Revised Dyer Subdivision (v. 1,321, p. 705).

Polly Hauk to Nicholas Riola and Ashley Hanel – Lot 14 and part of Lot 13, Country Club Estates (v. 1,322, p. 214).

Joshua Kindt and Carrie Kindt to Brian Hoelscher and Paulette Hoelscher – two tracts, Chiles Survey (v. 1,322, p. 266).

Special Warranty Deeds

Geraldine Timmermann to Terrell Timmermann Farms LP – three tracts (v. 1,322, p. 6).

Margie Jo Brady to Elvie E. Hudson – two tracts, Jose DePena Survey (v. 1,322, p. 164).

Executor’s Deed

Clarence Andrew Wieland II Estate to Bridget Ellen Dollar fka Bridget Ellen Wieland – two tracts, Wiley Harrison Survey (v. 1,321, p. 562).

Quitclaim Deeds

Frank B. Mathis to Frank Mathis and Janet Mathis – 105.82 acres, Lewis Wells Survey (v. 1,321, p. 602).

Neil Wettstein and Sandra Wettstein to Kimberly Wettstein – Lot 3A, Block 3, Hogan Addition (v. 1,322, p. 17).

Assumed Names

Mark Caperton dba Tamang Nepal Imports (v. 1,321, p. 730).

Mark Tieden and Jamie Tieden dba Arrowhead Outfitters Hogs (v. 1,321, p. 752).


Civil Cases Filed

Finance of America Reverse vs. Everlyn Pearson Woodward – consumer commercial debt.

Sonya Fleharty vs. S&V Partnership – consumer commercial debt.

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