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Dear Motor Medics, I used the remote start on my 2004 Chevy Silverado to warm it up the other morning and came out to find my interior filled with smoke. I did not see smoke coming out of any area, so I aired it out and drove to work.

I have checked all the electrical functions and the only thing I find that does not work is the heater fan high speed. Could this be what was smoking?

Steven in Kalamazoo, Michigan

Dear Steven, The interior HVAC blower fan system could have been the source of the smoke. Blower resistor failures are common as vehicles age.

The blower windings break down over time and the resistance on the circuit increases, this extra resistance causes the resistor to run much hotter than it should. Eventually the resistor can fail and sometimes it will let off smoke.

In addition to the resistor failing, some vehicles have issues with the wires that attach to the resistor and the connector plug melting.

In the case of the Silverado, it is a common issue and some of them were subject to a recall so check with your local dealership for more information.

Most important of all to remember is to stop driving a vehicle when you see or smell smoke. Fire spreads quickly in a vehicle and you can be overcome by the fumes of the many materials used in its construction.

Always think about your safety first.

Take care, The Motor Medics

For entertainment only. Always consult your local shop and follow all safety procedures before repairs.

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