Historic Lockett home

Dear editor,

Enjoyed the column on the three historic homes moved from Rockdale.

In 2016, the Milam County Historical Commission received an inquiry regarding where the J.L. Lockett home had been moved. Dr. Lucile Estell was kind enough to reply from memory.

For 10 years, while returning to the Tracy community from Florida for reunions, we would pass the Lockett house (at Ackerman and Bell in Rockdale). Then, on the 11th year, it was gone! We lost our favorite navigation landmark—it was only 12 more minutes to Beth’s home.

Beth and I decided that we needed to go to Waller County to photograph the house. I contacted the Waller County Historical Commission and Museum and learned that the home was deep off the road on private property and mostly obscured by trees. A field visit would be futile.

I used Google Earth to see if I could place the house from a satellite view or by using the “street view” option. With numerous homes in the vicinity I was unable to discern the property.

What a shame to have such a beautiful, historic home hidden from the public’s eye.

Jack and Beth Brooks


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