Be considerate when choosing event dates

Dear editor,

The MARC Run Committee would like to thank all of our loyal supporters no matter how big or small your contribution to our event to support our friends at The MARC (Milam Adult Resource Center) over the years.

We plan on continuing this tradition that bikers, Rockdale and Milam County have came to love and have a passion to make sure it is a success each year that it has become.

However, starting in 2019, the annual MARC Run will be moved to the second Saturday in June instead of the second Saturday in April as in the past.

There have been simply too many fund raisers in March, April and May.

Some of these without consideration of other Fundraisers that have happened on the same date for years.

This can be avoided by watching for year-round advertising in newspapers, listening to radio, checking Facebook and checking with local Chambers of Commerces to see what is scheduled and when.

So, if you are helping with or organizing a fund-raiser please be considerate of and do some homework of local happenings before scheduling events.

I promise we all will be successful if we space things out and not stack on top of each other especially annual events that so much goes into year round preparation to make it a success.

Thanks again for your loyal support and we look forward to seeing all of you on June 08, 2019, at the 18th annual MARC Run.


Charles Ray Starr


Rockdale Reporter

221 E. Cameron Ave
Rockdale, TX 76567