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How will Samsung affect Milam County?

How will Samsung affect Milam County?

After months and months, it is finally official. Samsung officially announced last week that it will build a massive new microchip facility in Taylor. With an estimated $17 billion investment, the facility will provide about 1,800 jobs, excluding all of the initial construction jobs and support jobs. Clearly, this is a game changer for all of Central Texas. But, how will this affect Milam County?

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Fifty-six years ago, Americans headed to the polls for the first time since the assassination of a beloved president. The nation was fighting a hot war in Southeast Asia and a cold war against a nuclear adversary. Americans voted knowing their future depended on it. This cherished right is just as important today. One of my predecessors, National Commander Daniel Foley, wrote a message in 1964 that still resonates. What follows is an abbreviated version of his magnificent words:


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